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snf29bizt_426536j2.jpgVictoria Beckham is stripping down in the name of skin cancer. In partnership with designer Marc Jacobs, she is posing nude in a series of t-shirts that will promote skin cancer awareness. Posh is joining other naked female celebrities protecting their skin like Heidi Klum, Eva Mendes, and Joss Stone who have also supported the campaign.  According to Posh:

Since we moved to California I have realised how important it is to practise safe sun for myself and to keep my three boys skin well protected as well. Skin cancer is a huge problem and I really wanted to help raise awareness by taking part in Marc’s initiative.

The autographed shirts go on sale in Marc Jacob’s stores beginning next week and all proceeds from the sale will go to the NYU Skin Cancer Foundation.

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  • vanessa

    I am into Posh, but this is one ugly shirt.

  • Harvey Schakowsky

    Dear Sir/Madame:

    In the name of Skin Cancer, why not offer a t-shirt that provides the best in sun-protection? Our company sells 100% cotton quality SPF® t-shirts in five styles in sizes XS to 6XL that are all top-UV rated UPF 50 (blocks more than 97% of UV). The shirts are tested by the International UV Testing Labotories according to US standards that include 40 home launderings (washing and drying), 100 hours of UV exposure and then are photospectometer tested throughout the entire UVA and UVB region. SPF® t-shirts have the Seal of Recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation.

    If you have further comments or questions, please contact me at 608-271-9400.

    Harvey Schakowsky
    Solar Protective Factory, Inc.

  • LagPeagssic

    What is bumburbia?

  • mouppyAnyptog

    Dear Friends, a little 9-year old girl is crying out for our help. Olga is sick with cancer and urgently needs 100,000 Euro for bone marrow transplantation. Her parents do not have this money, but hope that kind and mercifull people somewhere in the world still exist.

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    Olga was diagnosed Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (blood cancer) and currently needs 100 000 Euros for bone marrow transplantation from unrelated donor.

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