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30 Seconds To Mars, one of the hottest rock bands on the planet, is launching a new environmental campaign to coincide with the release of their new short film/music video, A Beautiful Lie. The shoot marks the first time a rock group has filmed a video less than 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle in Greenland. Here’s what lead vocalist Jared Leto had to say about the experience,

“Shooting in Greenland was a dream come true and one of the most exciting adventures we’ve ever had as a band,” says 30 Seconds to Mars lead vocalist Jared Leto. “Although incredibly challenging and at times it seemed just out of our reach, once we finally arrived the beauty and magnificence of the terrain, the wonderful culture of the people, and the amazing journey itself were all inspiring beyond belief. Almost everyone has heard of global warming by now but for the people of Greenland it is a real and tangible problem of today, not an issue of tomorrow. This journey changed our lives. We hope that with this film and new website we can share, in some small way, this incredible experience with our family of friends and fans around the world.”

30 Seconds hooked up with the NRDC to reduce the impact of their shoot and also purchase offsets for that which could not be avoided. In addition, they partnered with Buzznet to create a ‘call to action’ and give fans the opportunity to upload videos to show the band and the world what they’re doing ot help the environment. They also released a new website for the short film that includes information about current environmental issues, ways for kids to participate in environmental activities, links, tips for conservation and more. Awesome, right?

You can check out the new film below:

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  • jennifer ramos

    This video is just BEAUTIFUL. So glad to see bands in their position doing something worthwhile like this, its very admirable and I hope people take notice.

    Jen Ramos
    ‘100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards’

  • Taís Ribeiro Muniz

    This video is really amazing…I love 30 seconds to mars…I love the work of them…

  • Lidia Yanani

    Yes, is amazing!
    I joined this
    The year past my friends and me we created a work about this in my school, and we saw a movie “The day after tomorrow”, part of this movie, could happen after much years.
    Is very sad.

    Provehito In Altum

  • Amethyst

    amazing job they did, the video is beautiful! and i hope they get some atention so let’s spread the word!

  • Lou

    It’s nice to see a band that actively tries to help and invests time and money in the message, instead of those who just show up at red carpet events or concerts to get photos taken, then never do anything more. Kudos to 30 Seconds to Mars for the way they went about this.

  • maya

    this band is amazing and this video is amazing. the scenery is BREATHTAKING and im sure it took a lot of energy and effort to shoot up there in the freeezing cold. this has a great message too and they are awesome. Jared Leto’s eyes are BEAUTIFUL…they match the ice!

  • Maria / Zephirum

    Yeah.. The Video of “A Beautiful Lie” is really really amazing and wonderful.
    I know a lot of people would understand how important it’s all of this, we need to do something for this planet… it’s our chance.

    Thanks 30 Seconds to Mars for everything that you are doing.

    (Sorry if I write a lot of things wrong… I’m learning english xD)

    × MerrY ×

  • Comdr. Seraph

    Take Action NOW!!! Fight The Good Fight!!! Echelon Forever
    [Provehito In Altum]
    [Subsisto Procul Nusquam]

  • Jennifer Salsman

    To see everything this band has done and how much their whole creativness has really exploded in the last 4 years is amazing! They are amazing. As a fan from the very start I have to say that the months of waiting for this video were well worth it. To see what they are doing and know that they wouldnt have if they didnt beleve fully in the problem and finding a solution. It reminds me again why I love this band so much! So to the Echelon, the Mars Army and all of you who have been touched by the band or it videos, Provehito In Altum!
    Jennifer Salsman

  • Chester Copperpot

    The world would be a better place if 30 Seconds to Mars, especially Jarod Leto, would leave the music industry and fight the good fight of saving the environment. They are a terrible, terrible band. Maybe after Greenland gets wiped out by global warming we can drill there for oil.

  • Nathália de Ornelas

    This video is perfect! Very cool!
    Thanks 30 Seconds To Mars!

    “The time to act is now!”

  • bex

    i loved the vid it was because it was beautiful and it is a beautiful lie coz every 1 thinks it gonna be around forever
    thanks guys is and awsome vid

  • Inge (Echelon)

    The video is beautiful.
    Jared, Shannon and Tomo are beautiful, and i’m so happy to see that they care about the environment, and made this video to let us all see/hear what we are doing with our one and only world. We must do something, all of us. When our world dies, there’s nowhere else to go.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jared, Shannon and Tomo

    The time to act is NOW

  • jenny

    OMG this video is really nice and it really shows and informs about our global warming problem and its nice to see bands pay attention to this problem. this video is truly BEAUTIFUL

  • Conrad Pedersen

    awsome video really shows you the visual impact of what is going on around us rather then a whole heap of facts read to us by some boring presenter, the music is awsome to, i am a very keen environmnetalist and it is good to see people with a voice using it for the good of the world, rather then olny the good of their bank balance

  • Marilena

    I think is realy greeat what they are doing(30 STM) and for that they deserve respect and little help from us it’s important to make a diference………and it’s real THE TIME TO ACT IS NAW!!! we have to make ower future a better place!!!

  • Tiffany

    I really love 30 Seconds To Mars and I think what they are doing is so great! I have been waiting for the day when people that mean something to us now (especially younger generations, like me) take action and try and get people to open their damn eyes.

    I really hope that everyone who comes here understands what 30 Seconds To Mars and so many others around the world are trying to say. I hope these comments and this subject of the world coming to an end and all its beautiful creatures dieing make them cry, like they did to me, and have a huge impact on them.

    When I think of something, I will try to launch a campaign to raise money for the environment and to help stop global warming or at least slow it down and stop the pollution. What the world is coming to these days I have no idea, but it’s people like the boys from 30 Seconds To Mars (who really make the effort in both their music AND trying to save the world) who are true heroes.

    I stand by my comment, and my thoughts on this subject will never change.

    Tiffany Rhodes from Australia.

  • cecydoux

    considero que es muy loable el grabar este video ya que el objetivo de todo esto es salvar el planeta, el hogar de las futuras generaciones. quien mejor que ellos, para ser los voceros de esta campaña, son idolos para muchos que mejor que eso.estoy segura que van a llegar a muchos jovenes seguidores y entre ellos me incluyo.
    enseñemos a nuestros peques a cuidar el medio ambiente, creemosle conciencia de lo bien que hace cuidar nuestro medio, ya que son el futuro del mañana.
    desde chile les envio mi apoyo .

  • frakun

    Que, como bien dicen ellos, no nos engañen con preciosas mentiras. Alguna generación tiene que ser la que detenga esta verguenza y esta devastacion a la que sometemos al planeta.¿Acaso hay alguien conoce algun otro lugar en el que podamos vivir? a ver si vamos abriendo los ojos antes de que sea demasiado tarde. Por favor, ánimo.

  • Linn

    I think that it is really great that the band is taking action. People that wasn’t that involved in trying to solve this problem earlier, might now open their eyes. My favourite band in the whole world.

    Thank You to 30 Seconds To Mars for trying to make a difference.

  • Anna

    The video is beautiful, and it totally opened my eyes.

    I only can thank the band for doing this.

  • Georgiie

    I love this video its so beautiful.