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Fire up the rumor mill, Planeteers! A recent entry to the somewhat-reliable Wikipedia info on Captain Planet (I check it everyday) says something interesting about our favorite green animated superhero.

Warner Brothers studio announced on January 18, 2008 that a live action movie is to be made and is scheduled for late 2009. The movie is currently in pre-production.

Oh. Dead. God. They can’t be serious, can they? A live-action version of the blue-skin, green-haired protector of Mother Earth and his five planeteers? For those not hip to have caught the animated series back in 1990 (which interestingly was created by media mogul Ted Turner), here’s a small summary:

Captain Planet is the combined and magnified powers of all five of the Planeteers’ rings, and stands for all that was good and environment-friendly. Upon his formation, he proclaims, “By YOUR powers combined, I am Captain Planet!” The Captain is sky-blue skinned, with a grass-green mullet and eyebrows. He wears red shorts, a half-shirt and gauntlets with matching red knee-high boots. His body is composed mainly of a crystal compound.

Can you imagine trying to pitch that role to a leading Hollywood actor? Who wouldn’t get in line early? We’ll keep you updated on all the latest as we get it. Screw M. Night’s The Happening. This is the real environmental film that’s going to kick some serious ass.

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  • omg no!

    Please god no!

  • KelR

    I think the correct response is “Please god yes!” I can’t wait until 2009!

  • Danielle

    I hope he takes pollution down to zero!

  • parrish

    I don’t think you understand the level of joy I feel right now. Here’s what Captain Planet has to say:

    THE POWER IS YOURS (echo) yours, yours, yours!

  • Caley

    Take a look at for Captain Planet. No info on a movie, but it is interesting to see who lent their voices to the animated series. There are some big names… even Ed Begley Jr.! I vote for him to be Captain Planet in the film adaptation!

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  • That Guy

    Haha, I think Ben Stiller should be captain planet, it would just be too good.

  • Turtle

    Only man who can play Captain Planet is The Hoff (and I don’t even like the guy… but he IS Captain Planet)

  • Gabriel

    Wow!!! If this is true I’m totally excited. I loved Captain Planet. This is GREAT news. :-)

  • Dork.ara

    yay! im so excited i wudnt miss it for the worlD! :)


    It’s good to hear that captain planet is my childhood hero and i like him and even his planetiers. I’ll be waithing for that movie plz plz plz let the time come hurry……..

  • Nathan

    I Have been Waiting For This!!! I cannot believe it!!! I’d been recently thinking that it would be great. Now I don’t have to Wonder! This movie is going to be BIG!!!

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  • Amgine

    About time!!

  • Jes

    Haha, I TOTALLY rocked that show back in the day :)

  • Ralph Nader

    Captain Planet is going the be the late entry in the General Election. Screw off Raplh Nader! I can’t wait to see Captain Planet summoned for the first time!

  • Caroline

    oh my gosh i will be so happy if they make it!!!

  • dom

    i think it will be good to have a captain planet movie be cause the world loves Captain Planet in 1991

  • Wheeler

    I’m so excited I think i just pissed in ma pants!

  • http://MSN Rodney Sexton


  • diana

    hell friken yeah! omg i am soooo going to be there opening day!

  • Kiki

    that would be great. I loved the cartoons when I was younger. can`t wait to see the movie and with real actors.
    please update
    see ya

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  • The Avengers

    Al Gore needs to totally play Captain Planet. just watch hin run around in blue paint and tights screaming “THE POWER IS YOURS!!!!” Dude, even if the movie sucked completely, I would still come four or five times to just see that.


  • Jennae Petersen

    They’re remaking every other 80s and 90s cartoon they can think of (Speed Racer, Transformers, Alvin & the Chipmunks, etc.) so Captain Planet is the next logical choice. And to The Avengers, Al Gore as Captain Planet would be HILARIOUS!

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  • Some Random

    A successful movie requires the actors to suit the roles of the characters… Therefore, I believe that many fans of Captain Planet would disapprove of the above stated cast.

    My friend and I spent alot of time working on this cast. And we worked on not only finding actors that resemble the charaters, we also selected actors that we think would have a positive affect on the movie and suit the roles given.

    Our Cast:

    Captain Planet – Cameron Mathison
    Wheeler – Freddy Prince Junior
    Linka – Hayden Panettiere
    Kwame – Robert Richard
    Gi – Ziyi Zhang
    Ma-Ti – Gael García Bernal
    Gaia – Vanessa Williams

    Hoggish Greedley – Robbie Coltrane or Larry Joe Campbell
    Looten Plunder – Johnny Depp
    Sly Sludge – Danny Devito
    Duke Nukem – Michael Chiklis
    Verminous Skumm – Ioan Gruffudd
    Dr Blight – Cameron Diaz
    Zarm – Ian Mckellen

  • RadMax

    As long as they don’t get Shia LaBeouf to play Wheeler, I’ll be happy.

  • Rosefire

    Some Random, that’s a great casting list you’ve put together. Especially the villians. I can certainly see Cameron Diaz as Dr. Blight and Ian McKellen as Zarm. McKellen can do menacing like he did Magneto for the X-Men.

    My only concern is that so far these new live-action films like Alvin & the Chipmunks and Speed Racer didn’t do justice to the original material and were flops. I’d hate to see the same thing happen again because “Captain Planet” doesn’t have to become another cheesy event. With a good script-writer it could be a kick@ss film.

    What on earth happened to the good times? I miss Captain Planet as much as Ghostwriter…

  • http://ecorazzi emily Wyatt

    In cant wait I have wanted captain planet out on dvd region 2 for years. I would love a live action movie! the cap could be CG or a live actor, with his colouring probally CG

  • Pete

    this has just made my night :D

  • Robert

    They are trying to ruin my Childhood hero! Bastards!

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  • Cam

    Liam Neeson should be Captain Planet.

    It would be way too cool.

  • Kyle

    CAPTAIN!!!!!! PLAAAAANNNEETTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Edward

    This could work..if they did a whole post apocalyptic and dark version of the concept, it could be really bad ass.

  • The Indeanator

    Three words: Richard Dean Anderson.

  • Trevon

    Warner Brothers would be terrible for making a Captain Planet movie, Captain Planet isn’t even one of WB’s original annimated series.DC is the only thing that WB should fuck with as far as adaptating anything is their own DC media fictional characters. They would just try to make CP another Superman which would be shitty. The best WB would have to put on the table as far as head of the production is The Wachowski Brothers, but they would try to make CP look like another Neo and another Matrix type of maovie,again NO NO NO. If you saw Speed Racer then you know you don’t want the Wachowskis writting and directing this movie. WB should stay far away from stuff that is not their own animated series! After Speed Racer I would not want them to touch anything that is not theirs originally. WB would also try to relate CP to The Dark Knight and Watchmen, if not saying their bad movies but I dont want the ridiculuosness of them trying to fit those fort of vibes into a Captain Planet movie. Universal Pictures should be the company to distribute CP to a film. The Hulk and Hellboy where great films from Universal, thats probably the best Action/Sci-Fi film company today and to the future! So WB can move along. the real shame about this movie is Ted Turner probably would’nt have anything to do with it. He’s the creater and the creator of an anime has to be apart of a project when it crosses into live-action thats the only way to make sure the adaptation would be A OK! The original Captain Planet script that was written by Michael Reaves was perfect ” The script was darker than the series, and set in a post-apocalyptic time period. The script was met with acceptance, but “got lost in the shuffle when Turner and Warner Bros. merged”. If that was made into a movie it would have been perfect! I would hope that Michael Reaves would get involved with the project if it got into production. As for the most important thing of all (Who should play Captain Planet?) Well I say eather Ray Park or Scott Adkins; which one would ya’ll rather perfer

  • gooniebird

    Thats all they need more green crap aimed at kids i mean CAPTIAN PLANET was absolute trash

  • Donjuan

    if they make the movie Wheeler has 2 be a young sanitation worker from NYC
    Quami should be som sort of young scientist who is researching abnormal earthquakes and activities. the little indian tribe kid has to be able to get talk to the animals in the rain forest and have his monkey pet. captain planet has to be keano reves the russian chick has to be hott automaticly. the asian chick has to be from indonesia where they got the tsunami and she was probably trying to do something 2 save the dolphins to make the story more beleivable.their enemy shouldnt be captain polution yet until like part 3
    it should be that evil lady with her computer and make her have her own line of cosmetic products in which she experiments on endangered species and she should team up with the pig Greedly and captain planet should be keyano reves
    well i think thats a recipie for a good movie

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  • Todd

    Well its 2010 and I have yet to see any damn Captain Planet movie or even heard of such a thing! I have searched uncounted sites and cant find anything! and as for the last post above mine that would be the shit, they should call it Dark Planet

  • Collin Paul Briscoe

    Collin’s Cast:
    Kwame-Taio Cruz
    Wheeler-Brett Dennen
    Linka-Pamela Anderson
    Gi-Ziyi Zhang
    Ma-Ti-Enrique Iglesias
    Captain Planet-Chad Kroeger
    Gaia-Michelle Hurd
    Dr. Blight-Faith Hill
    Hoggish Greedly-Paul Vogt
    Sly Sludge-Will Sasso
    Looten Plunder-Trace Adkins
    Verminous Skumm-Jim Carrey
    Duke Nukem-Frank Caliendo
    Zarm-Mark Harmon
    Captain Pollution-Neil Patrick Harris

  • Yus

    Omfg. That would be one of the most amazing things ever.