knightleydress.jpgflowerActress Keira Knightley’s green dress from the movie Atonement is being sold for charity. The stunning green silk evening gown will be offered in an online auction to raise money for Variety – The Children’s Charity of Southern California. The organization aims to assist addicted, abused, neglected and physically-challenged children. Starting bid is $1,000 — but expect this one to get out of financial sight pretty quickly. The auction ends March 1st. [via google news]

flowerA few months ago, we mentioned that actress Soleil Moon Frye (otherwise known as the original Punky Brewster) was opening an eco-friendly baby store in LA called The Little Seed. Access Hollywood recently caught with Soleil and received a tour of her shop. Check it out here. [Thanks, Linton!]

flowerAfter performing at the Rio De Janeiro leg of Live Earth, rocker Lenny Kravitz almost decided not to come home. The musician planned on staying for a week, but ended up living for four months on a remote farm. Said Kravitz, “There was no stress, less time spent on decisions. And I reconnected with knowing that God gives you everything you need. But I came out of the jungle and I came back with a fresh outlook”. [via femalefirst]

flowerPink may have led the media blitz, but musician Chrissie Hynde led the rally for a PETA protest in Central Park to encourage tourists not to support the carriage-horse industry. “I got hitched to Jim Kerr (Simple Minds) in a horse drawn carriage in New York. The marriage didn’t last and I hope the carriages meet the same fate.” [via PETA]

flowerFinally, this is not green — but I found it hilarious. Comedian Sarah Silverman gave significant other Jimmy Kimmel a video-gift for the 5-year anniversary of his Jimmy Kimmel Live show. For those that don’t know, there’s a running joke on the show where Matt Damon is continuously insulted in various, creative ways. Let’s just say, Matt has had the last laugh. Check it out here.

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