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While undoubtedly somewhere, someone is reading this news and looking sadly at a pair of pre-purchased Spice Girls tickets, the rest of us can breathe a sigh of relief that it’s all over. It’s been announced that Spice Girl Mel C has called it quits citing “family and personal commitments”. As a result, the group as decided to cancel their world-wide tour, but not before gracing Toronto with one last rendition of “Spice Up Your Life” as part of a finale concert on February 26th. We’re sorry.

Cities spared by some unknown power of good include Beijing, Sydney, Cape Town and Buenos Aires. This also means five less private jets traveling around the globe for the Spice Girls’ entourage. As we wrote back in July, each member of the group was given “their own private jet to accommodate their entourage of assistants, family members,” and, of course, the seventh circle of hell.

According to the site,, we’ll be spared a good portion of the 9,500 tons of CO2 that was expected to result from all of these jets. As I said back in July, “Like Lord Voldemort’s soul in the Harry Potter series, these horcruxes of musical drudgery have somehow managed to persevere through repeated worldwide insistence that we all have better things to listen to.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the horcruxes have been destroyed. Rejoice!

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  • oakling

    Boo. Is there an eco-friendly jet fuel yet?

  • brian

    insane. considering none of them have done anything incredibly notable in the last decade, you would think they might get off their high horses.

  • Steven

    How tragic. Too bad the New Kids on the Block have announced that they’re going to reunite. Hopefully any hopes of a tour will be “grounded” before it actually occurs.

    Hey—we’ve added you to our blogroll at Keep up the good work!

  • JH

    They only had one jet, FYI

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  • Jannelle

    i am soooooooooo happy right now. sad, but over-the-top happy, because i am one of the LUCKY people who get to see their last concert! (of this tour, hoepfully there will be many more!) i have been sooo stoked for this concert! (20 days left!!!) it’s gunna be a fricken amazing experience, and bring back lots of ’90s memories!

  • marlana

    Yey!!! i went to to of the spice girl concerts at nassua colliseuam and one at madison square garden. I got a pic wih one of the dancers and i tottallly wanna get in touch with him !! hes so hott! how do i find his info . is there an official website that lists the dancers in the show?!!?! please help me!!

  • Gant klockor

    lol, Spice Girls rules!