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Shock me, shock me, shock me with that devious behavior!

It’s been reported that this week Keith Urban flew a whopping 8,000 miles just to record a single track with pop star, Nellie Furtado. As of late, Urban has been spending a lot more time in Australia as he looks after a very prego Nicole Kidman (aka Mrs. Urban).

No word yet on if he flew commercial or private, but either way 8,000 miles of air travel for one afternoon is quite the waste. In fact, that kind of mileage releases over 3,000 pounds of dangerous C02 into the environment. And unfortunately, it looks like this won’t be an isolated incident. Keith has said, “I’m going to be doing quite a bit more songwriting and bringing some people down to Sydney actually”.

Ok, listen celebrities: I get that part of your business is flying around the world to promote and/or work on various projects, but there must be a way to be more efficient with your itineraries. If not, you should at least offset your emissions by doing something wonderfully green, like using wind power or solar energy. So Keith, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to whack you with Ecorazzi’s third generation, recycled, biodegradable, vegan slapping stick, signed by Alicia Silverstone and Darryl Hannah. Ready? 1-2-3 WHACK!!! I hope you know that hurt me a lot more than it hurt you!

  • D Deech

    KU did not just fly in for the afternoon
    Duh! He started his tour with Carrie Underwood in Conn
    If you are going to write stuff like this do your homework and get the facts

  • Susan

    Umm..he didn’t fly to the States just to record a duet. He kicked off his latest leg of his tour on Thursday. And yes, he flies commercially with Quantis as I’m sure whoever goes to Sydney to write with him will too. They aren’t as pretentius as Ms Kidman who hasn’t placed her butt on a commercial airline in 20 years. Oh, and his tour caravan? It’s run on bio-diesel. You may want to do a bit more fact checking before you make yourself look like anymore of a fool.

  • parrish

    Ah Susan, you’re sweet. Thanks for the kind words!

  • let’s be fair

    Sorry, but Nicole Kidman is a much bigger star than Keith Urban and a real Tabloid target. I can understand her flying private so she won’t be harrased by TMZ or some other idiot tabloid. And now that she’s pregnant, flying private is safer.

  • terminalfrost

    Not to mention the various charities he supports.

  • Miller

    Parrish is on to something here. Yes he flew to the states to record and do a couple shows, but he is flying back and forth from the U.S. to Australia multiple times to be with his demanding wife. Last summer he did the same thing. He is not green in the least. They flew all around Australia going to tennis matches and concerts, too. Jet fuel loves the Kidmans.

  • parrish

    Miller to my rescue!!!

  • Lowezl

    Oh good grief! Try picking on someone else for a change, won’t you? You haven’t even researched the fact that Keith was actually heading back to start his new tour on January 31, 2008 and recorded the duet only two days before. What did you expect him to do–get off a 16 hour flight, go immediately to a studio to record a duet, and go straight to his tour? Did you ever hear of jet lag and required rest?
    The man flies commercial on almost every flight he takes from Australia–ask him–he even jokes about it and says he probably owns Qantas Airlines by now. He has 12 trucks that carry his equipment, and of course, you never bothered to check on what fuel they use, did you? He also performed on Live Earth and is an avid supporter of getting back the green. Go bury your head in some more of those tabloids where you obviously get your material–they deserve you–people like Keith Urban don’t.

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  • GG

    FYI – Keiths fans don’t wear cowboy hats – get your green facts straight.