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0000035712_200611101626351.jpgIt’s already been discussed that I have a total corporate crush on Discovery Communications, so it’s no surprise that I’m practically batting my eyes and ruffling my feathers over a new program on their eco-lifestyle network, Planet Green.

The new show is called Supper Club and it’s hosted by Tom Bergeron, host of ABC’s hit series, Dancing with the Stars. The concept behind Supper Club, is each week Bergeron with host a dinner party with some of todays biggest and most provocative film, television, and music stars, along with renowned authors, politicians, journalists and scholars, to discuss all things “green.” Along with that, each week the dinners with be prepared by a different celebrity chef who will present their best “green” dish.

Celebrities, eco-conversation, green eating…all that’s missing in that equation is a handsome/beautiful member of the Ecorazzi team. I’m sure our invite must have just gotten lost in the mail somewhere. Oh well, I guess there’s always season two.

  • Mz Jaxin

    I hope those “Green” meals are vegan!

  • oakling

    I can’t figure out whether this will be like an awesome Top Chef without the eliminations, or whether it will be like the boring part of food shows where they’re eating and you can’t taste it and people are talking about things they don’t know anything about.

  • Sami Arifi

    Love the show dancing with the stars. looking foward to being on any dance show one day im cousins with tony dovolani were the only two albanians that dance in ballroom & latin. its alot of work. i do teach montel williams daughter wyntergrace if your ever free please contact me at thank you Tom b.

  • Scott

    I LOVED THE SHOW LAST NIGHT! Lively discussion EXCELLENT! Bring Al Gore on and let the fur fly..oops sorry PETA supports :)

  • Robin

    I really like the show and think it is great for airing thoughtful and thought provoking green ideas.
    Has anyone, who is worried about the coastal flooding from melting ice, thought about the 3000 square miles of 200-300’deep Death Valley and other below sea level areas that will (or could) help adjust or mitigate the sea levels and the people and cities that these pockets of desert (seas to be) may save. Inches of lower sea level may make a big difference to many thousands of people.

  • Diana

    Today, August 17, is the first time I have seen this show. What I loved about the show was Larry Elder one of the four guests. Larry is an extreamly intelligent, knowledgeable, eloquent man. I have read two of his books can’t bring my slef to buy his latest book though. Any show he is on means that it is a good show. I will watch it again.

    Great job for having Larry on.

  • Marc C.

    To whomever is reading the post by mr. Arifi he does NOT teach Wyntergrace Williams as she is my step-daughter, and he has NO affiliation with our family. I hope mr. Arifi finds his own way in this business.
    As far as Mr. Bergeron, we wish him all the best as well in all his endeavors.