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The Scottish love three things: whiskey, bagpipes and Leonardo Dicaprio. Case in point:

The Scottish Parliament has invited actor, Leonardo DiCaprio to visit Holyrood (not to be confused with America’s, “Hollywood”) and speak on the issue of climate change. How do you say,” WE LOVE LEO” in Gaelic?

In his letter, the Glasgow MSP, Patrick Harvie, told the actor that the Scottish Government had recently began discussions on a proposed Climate Change Bill.  He detailed “ambitious long-term targets” and said: “It would be a great help were you able to speak to other members of the Parliament about the urgency of the threat we face.”

No word yet on if Leo will accept the proposition, but as Ecorazzi has reported on numerous occasions, the Oscar nominated star is also a passionate environmental campaigner and something tells me this is right up his alley. Just remember Scottish Parliament: a gentleman keeps his kilt on until marriage!