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What can I say? When it rains DiCaprio news, it pours.

Discovered a new blog today by the wife of the Chairman of the Board for Tesla Motors, Elon Musk. Her name is Justine Musk, a published novelist, mother of five sons, and very good writer on her LiveJournal site. Anyways, due to Tesla’s rising star, it appears that Justine has been gaining access to some pretty exclusive circles – such as the set of the Iron Man movie, exclusive clubs, etc. A couple nights ago, she and her husband ran into DiCaprio at Club Villa and chatted with him about the Tesla. Here’s what went down,

I went upstairs and then came back down to find E talking to Leo (Octavius introduced us our last time at Villa) and showing him cell phone photos of the Tesla Roadster, E’s beloved sexy-electric-car company. “You know you want one,” I told Leo. “I do want one,” he said earnestly. “I know you do,” said I, because Leo’s people had talked to the Tesla people way back when about a deal for a car that never materialized (the deal, I mean; the car itself is materializing as we speak). “And you should have one,” I added generously (as if I have anything to do with it). Albeit at the same price as everybody else.

Wonder what happened to DiCaprio’s “deal” and if he’ll reconsider jumping on the short list? We know Tesla would most certainly appreciate the publicity of DiCaprio pulling up to events in the roadster. I mean really — what’s $98,000 to a guy that throws down $3,200 on an eco-friendly toilet?

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  • Tom C Gray

    Notice how De Caprio lets everybody know that he spent $3200 on an eco friendly toilet. I’m waiting to see the overpaid little no-talent baby face runout of juice in his tesla because he actually was silly enough to believe the company’s claims that it will go 250 miles. He’ll probably have his chauffered limo follow him whenever he drives his “environmentally friendly” Tesla, you know, the one with the electricity generated by coal fired powerplants. Hey, says De Caprio, MY car isn’t producing any carbon emissions.
    Too bad leon, but the Fisker Karma plug-in is better looking, faster , and actually a practical car. It also costs less and doesn’t have Tesla’s crappy transmission.