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Well, we had hopes.

About a month ago, we thought that “maybe” Heroes star Hayden Panettiere had sold her Porsche Cayenne SUV in favor of a more eco-friendly Prius. Alas, as the ever-present paparazzi confirm, the whale-saving activist is still stuck with a gas guzzler. But hey, at least she’s using Whole Food’s reuseable shopping bags!

And yes, we applaud Hayden for her amazing work to help marine life threatened around the world. We’ve just beaten this whole “She Still Has An SUV” theme to death, that we might as well keep riding it. The march towards getting rid of the Porsche continues!

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  • Emily

    Perhaps keeping the SUV until it’s time to replace it is the way to go. Think of the production costs of a new vehicle, and how unlikely it is that her SUV will be recycled…In the large scheme of things, wouldn’t it be better for her to hold on to the SUV but only use it for things like the large grocery run – using public transport, a bike, her feet, for everything else?

  • michael

    I agree — but her other efforts are often overshadowed by those that love to point out the SUV ownership and then chalk her up as a hypocrite. I think the girl is bringing some incredible attention to some worthy causes and to have this be the one thing that makes people not ‘believe in her’ is silly. Plus, she’s known for a long time that she needs to get rid of it. Here’s a great scenario: Why not donate it to a orphanage or someone with a massive family in need (after all, this is just little Hayden in this thing) and grab a Prius or a new luxury diesel? Hell, why not buy used?

  • andy ux

    Anyone who reads this blog is already in right place. I am happy she is setting the trend to have less plastic in our oceans, every little bit counts. Watch this video

  • oakling

    And if she wants an SUV that badly there are plenty of hybrid SUVs. But yeah: she has a lot of choices. I think that a lot of people don’t think about how bad gas cars are – they think of “good” cars (biodiesel, hydrogen fuel cell etc.) and “neutral” cars (gasoline).

    And then hybrids are considered “good” even though they are still consuming and burning gasoline, because they… use less of it? For all we know, she drives this thing so little that it consumes less gas than a hybrid she drove every day.