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coveroutside.jpgWith Jack Johnson’s new album, Sleeping Through The Static, dropping today, it’s only fitting that we discover something about the guy online. The latest was dug up from the current spread of Outside Magazine. Their green issue is now on stands (one of the best annual green issues you’ll find in the magazine world) and Jack is front and center chatting about music, green, and why he won’t ever consider politics to push his eco-agenda forward. Here’s a highlight:

“I’m not trying to act like I’ve got all the answers and that I’m greener than everyone else. I want to do what I can to help, but sometimes it starts to overwhelm me. It’s hard, because as soon as you put your voice in there, all of a sudden you’re the guy the newspaper wants to talk to. I accept the fact that I’m a somewhat known personality now and I like that I can use it for good things, but I ultimately don’t want to run for president.”

As Al Gore has proven, you don’t need politics to make a difference. Fame helps — but passion behind what you believe in can make a huge difference as well.

Hit Outside Magazine for more details on this month’s issue.

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