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Ah, the financially warped value system of Hollywood. Bear with me on this one.

So recently, Jennifer Aniston mentioned to her friend Courteney Cox that, you know, she was interested in hitting the Los Angeles bike lanes for exercise and all that. Cox, excited by the idea decided to send Jennifer a $12,000 one-of-a-kind Chanel bicycle — complete with eight speeds and a quilted leather seat and saddlebag emblazoned with the famous Chanel logo. Seriously? It also has jeweled pant clips to keep your pants from getting caught in the chain. All this, and it weighs 36lbs!

Look, we love it when stars break out the scooters, motorcycles, bikes, and other random pieces of equipment to get around with. But there’s got to be something wrong with actually purchasing a Chanel bike for $12,000 ($12,600 list) decked out in leather styling. Am I off on this one? How much is the matching helmet?

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  • gert

    selfish. imagine what that $12,000 could do for a small charity, trying to make the world a better place for impoverished people.

    • danielle

      Thats not selfish. She earned her money with her job. She can do whatever she wants with it.

  • Paul Smirh

    Despite the absurdity of it, it may well have impacts far more then $12,000 in charity would have. Being such an attention magnet, it may get press and be seen by people who would not otherwise encounter such an idea as bicycling for adults, and, influenced by the actions of stars, may look in to doing it themselves, thus having a positive impact on the environment around them, and within them. Or not.

  • michael

    A good way to look at it, Paul.

  • Fritz

    That $12,000 sure could buy a lot of flair, I’m sure.

  • Nic

    Paul that is well said, and as we watch children starve in many nations including our own. What is the thought process here? It speaks volumes about both of them as individuals, but sadly shows how unconcerned people that can make a difference really are. I pray for true unity and peace daily, I sure hope someday to see it. Courtney cmon!

  • Chris Baskind

    $12k is, of course, a silly amount to pay for what amounts to a $1200 Dutch commuter bike (U.S. prices). It’s not a one-of-a-kind item, by the way: Chanel has been selling these for about a year.

    I disagree that this is a good thing for commuter cycling. It teaches people that you need expensive gear to get out there, which isn’t true.

    If you want a bike of similar functionality to this one, save yourself $11k or so with a real Dutch work bike. There are several companies selling stateside, but here’s one for reference:

    Helmets are an extra $30. Well worth it. :-)

  • Citynature

    The way I see it – any bike is better than no bike! Plus bike = better than any vehicle using external sources of energy!
    does anyone really expect jennifer aniston to only wear clothes from walmart and give the rest of her money to charity instead of purchasing an outrageously expensive ball gown when going to some award show? just because she is a famous person??
    i will take the hat off for her if she actually uses that bike – maybe it would suceed her to make bicycling hip, even in the US!
    go girl!

  • Heywood Jablomi

    I’d pay $12,000 to be that bicycle saddle!



  • stop

    so does that mean none of us should ever buy anything at all except what we need to survive? you could say any amount of money we spend on things we enjoy should go towards charity..and how do you know that both of them don’t donate money to various don’t – so should we all donate all of our money over and above the bare you?

  • MIchelle

    12K to them is like $50 to us. She should have the best money can buy–we get the best we can too. Putting her down or making her look bad if she doesn’t give it all away is petty and childish–pure jealousy. BTW, Jennifer and Courteny do plenty for charity. Enjoy your ride!

  • merlot

    I’m sure Courtney and Jen donate lots of money to charity. There’s nothing wrong with purchasing a $12,000 bike if you have the money. Happy riding!

  • ebz

    WTF Chanel makes bikes?! o_o

  • Mike D

    I’m an avid cyclist who owns a 7000.00 bike. Spending this kind of money for a really good bike is not unusual. It’s quite the norm. I just want to know if it’s carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum or steel. 36 pounds is heavy for an expensive bike though. Now go ride it Jen.

  • SCOTT S.

    The first thing people say is, “what about the starving kids” and “just think what $12,000.00 could do for the poor”. Has anyone thought that just maybe they donated $12,000.00 or $112,000.00? Do they have to give away every cent they make to be a good person or to think about others? Just because they spend alot of money on things must cant afford does not mean they do not give away alot as well. People need to stop saying things until they have all the facts. I give to charity, but it does not stop me form buying $200.00 or $300.00 jeans every once in a while or sunglasses at $285.00 a pop. This does not mean I am selfish!

  • David B.

    I would love to ride this bike with Jennifer. Possibly hundreds and hundreds of miles.

  • David B.

    I would love to spend the weekend with both Jennifer and this bike.

  • Deth

    I wonder how much of that $12,000 went to charity. As Chris stated that bike is worth $1,200 at most and at 36 pounds extremely heavy.I am all for supporting charities but she could have bought a better quality American made bike that weighs 10 pounds less for $1000.

  • Bryan

    Are you people serious. They are worth millions and worked hard for their money. If they want to get a $12,000 dollar bike who cares. The cost of that bike compared to their net worth is probably like me taking my wife out for a nice dinner. We all have our toys and our over indulgences me included. Look we all have the internet, another luxury. Unless your a nun working in India, get off your high horse.

  • Paul Kleppert

    Please go to our website, Then click on the Classic Bike of the Year tab if you really want to see what a real $12,000 bike looks like. Enjoy the photos. PK

  • obxlocal2

    Kudos for her, especially if she uses it.

    As far as the $12,000.00 They have earned the right to spend as much as they like on whatever tickles their fancy. I wasn’t aware of any “Shopping Police Squad”.

    Isn’t this what the politicians are preaching these days. Spend to boost the economy. Although I wish I could inflate my prices that much.

    I have been a bike fanatic for over 35 yrs. At 13, my friends and I were riding 15 miles each way to spend the day at the lake.

    I have regularly rode as a daily thing my entire adult life. Not the speedy spandex wearing type of riding.

    Bought a Schwinn Deluxe 5 speed tandem in 1974. 78lbs of Fun. I took it from the East Coast to Alaska, to Hawaii….It was a great Babe magnet in Waikiki…
    (Got one of those fancy lightweights in 1985. It cost $1500.00 wholesale, custom built myself. But uncomfortable as hell.
    I sold it a few years later for $300.00 and went back to the Tandem.)

    Everyone brags on the lightweight, which I agree was like riding on air, but the tandem at 78 lbs, gives me a better work out. Especially riding alone.

    The Wife and I use it year round, and never take the car anymore if our destination is within 4 miles one way.

    We even have one of them kiddy trailers, so we can take all we need for a day at the beach, or to do our grocery shopping.

    With the price of gas, we probably save hundreds each year. Plus have alot of fun, that never seems like exercise.

    Everyone should have a bike. And ride it.

  • http://aol Jodie

    Wow must be nice. I have 3 children and an ex that doesnt pay child support. Obviously my problem, but come on that money could go to something soooo much more needed to a family. It’s UNREAL how much these celebs get paid (for what they do)

  • Gee

    More than likely they give far more time and money, than the average person, to charitable causes.
    Don’t compare yourselves to the wealthy, you don’t have an accurate gage.
    I would hate for someone to tell me how to spend the money I earned.


    Screw impoverished people! It’s her money, she can spend it anyway she wants to.

  • Tina

    These responses and comments kill me. Every single one of you on here that comment about how selfish this is, what that money could be used for, etc., would do the exact same thing. These people have worked hard for their money. Granted, it’s an obscene amount they got paid, but it’s theirs. Let them do as they please. Every single one of you on here would buy expensive extravagent things given the chance. They do do things for the underprivileged, but they are entitled to treat themselves if and when they can and want to. So, get off their backs and put your little green monsters away!

  • Steve

    You can buy a much better bike for a lot less. That bike is ridiculous consumption.

  • Jim

    I think people should worry about what they donate themselves. How much time or money do they give to charity every year themselves. They sit around complaining about what other people spend but they never get off the butts and donate 5 minute of their own time to help out

    live well, give often, thank god its not you starving or suffering from stupid medical condition.

  • TomCat

    She wouldn’t get this much crap if she spent 12k on a hybrid car.
    A bike is a much more sensible choice than a hybrid car for inter city errands. Most trips we take are under 5 miles from home. Even in LA. Who cares what it costs? A bike will always be the cheaper and more environmentally correct choice for local personal transportation.


    I am interested in this bike. I want to see it, I wonder what it like.

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  • random

    you do realise that you do not ride a $12,000 bike

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  • Rose Dove

    I Love It…….Lucky Gal…..

  • Rose Dove

    I want One…:)

  • Jen

    I guess she won’t be locking that up outside Starbucks?

    Seriously, though, 36 lbs? That’s a heavy bike, and heavy bikes are less fun to ride. For that much money, better to get a 3k carbon frame bike and a 9K Chanel messenger bag. :)

  • Jennae @ Green Your Decor

    I’d rather see her riding a $12,000 bike than driving a ridiculously oversized, air-polluting and unneeded Hummer. Besides, maybe it’ll encourage a few Jen-wannabes out there to ride a bike. And wake up people — celebrities spend ridiculous amounts of money on extravagances every day. At least this particular extravagance will reduce her carbon footprint — assuming she actually rides it.

    Because where the heck would she lock it up? A $12,000 bike would be a theft magnet. And why the h-e-double hockeysticks is Chanel making bikes anyway?

    Visit for eco-friendly home decor products, projects and tips!

  • rosemary

    i wish!

  • Will

    Ug… My beef is that if you are going to drop twelve grand on something, you probably should get the nicest bike you can, not a glorified $300 Electra cruiser.

    For a mere $4,000 Ms. Anniston could have owned one of the more intriguing bicycles of our time, the Ellsworth Ride:
    the technology is a marvel, and the styling is sharp.

    I hope that the Chanel at least comes with the Red Band 8 speed Nexus hub, not the stiffer shifting normal Nexus hub. For that kind of money it should have come with a Rohloff on it.

  • Jeffrey

    To those talking about how the funds could have better served a charity, I ask this question…

    Do you smoke cigarettes or drink fancy coffee? Smokes at $4 + per pack or fancy coffee at $4 + per cup, multiplied the number consumed in a year is also a hefty amount that could benefit charity. Yet, no one is telling you to give up your hobbies (or bad habits) and use those funds for charity.

  • Yovi

    I have a $3500 Hermes bicycle and see nothing wrog with her owning t he Chanel bicycle. I love riding my bicycle and get lots of compliments on it. If you can afford it why not? It’s the same concept as driving a Bentley. If you’ve got it then enjoy it!!

  • Roland

    The thing is, you can say “Oh, thats absurd,” all you want, but you really don’t know if you would or wouldn’t throw your money around like that if you had it. Not having it, you have no idea what you would eventually buy. I think the bike is awesome. I’d probably buy it if I had the money. You don’t see people jumping up and down about people spending more money than usual on a really nice care; even if that is comparing apples and oranges.

  • Alex

    To all of you people that are saying she should have given the money to charity, give me a break. Why should she have to give all of the money she makes to charity, at least this way she gets something more useful then a similarly priced dress. Personally I would have gotten two bikes for that amount, 5-6 thousand dollar road and mountain bikes.

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