scooter.jpgBack in August of 2006, I took a spin on a prototype Vectrix Electric Scooter. The thing had some serious kick — and if it wasn’t for the $12,000 price tag — I would have signed up on the spot. Vectrix is obviously aiming for the same market as Tesla, so grabbing some star association and turning the heads of those on the A-list with a penchant for motorbikes is not a bad move. Off the top of my head, I would think George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Ewan McGregor, and Tom Cruise would be interested. But Leonardo DiCaprio?

According to sources, both the organization Global Green USA and DiCaprio recently picked up the bike. Here’s the blurb,

The first delivery went to one of Hollywood’s most supported green organizations, Global Green. Global Green, known for such efforts as partnering with Brad Pitt to build green housing in post-Katrina New Orleans, thought the ZEV would be a perfect representation of their cause. The company’s CEO, Matt Peterson said, “The Vectrix is a fun way to travel green”. Perhaps such an endorsement is what convinced one of Hollywood’s biggest green A-listers, Leonardo DiCaprio, to go Vectrix too.

We’ve no doubt this green beauty will be on display outside Global Green’s Pre-Oscar bash. Should they decide to provide eco-friendly transportation like last year for the Academy Awards, we may even see someone like Leo ride one to the red carpet. Great publicity for a tech-heavy green scooter that hopefully will trickle down to more affordable levels.

You can cruise a video of the Vectrix here.

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