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One day during college, my (then) girlfriend and her roommate locked themselves in their dorm room to study for a big test. I went to school in a different state, and because I’m sweet like sugar, I surprised them by calling their favorite vegan place and arranging for some veggie nosh to be brought to them. When Ryan Reynolds wants to surprise a girl, he brings them to the nosh.

Ryan Reynolds recently told the British radio station, Heart, he once was so eager to impress his British girlfriend that he flew to London just for a sandwich. He said, “It was a few years ago, but I once flew all the way to London to have lunch with this girl I was dating. She lived in the U.K. and I was in the U.S. obviously. We had just started dating and didn’t really get to see as much of each other as we would have like to because of the distance and work and everything… so I just flew here to have lunch with her.”

Yowzers!! Ok Ryan, while Cupid is sure to give you a thumbs up for that public display of affection, Mother Earth just had a stroke, heart attack and a nose bleed. Thanks to TerraPass’ carbon calculator, I learned that a flight from Los Angeles to London dumps roughly 4,246 pounds of Co2 into the environment. Now multiply that by two, and I figure Mr. Reynolds contributed to about 8,500 pounds of Co2 being flushed into the world in just one day. That’s a lot of waste for a little sandwich and some British nookie.

Ryan, you owe us like: 3 planted forests, 2 solar panels, one windmill blowing and partridge in a saved Rainforest tree. Or you could visit TerraPass and learn some other ways to help offset your dirty, dirty omissions. And dude, maybe next time just order delivery.

  • Erica

    okay i am just going to put this out there. the flight would have happened if he were on it or not. now if it was a private chartered plane then it would be a different story.

  • JP

    Terra Passes are a great idea, but one must not forget that it is a solution for cleanup, not a source of prevention.