by MPD
Categories: Film/TV.

Do you ever find yourself perched in front of the boob tube, half way through a pint of soy ice cream and feeling totally guilty about all the energy you’re wasting on reruns of VH1’s Best Week Ever.  Well now you can feel about 30 percent better.

Yesterday, the Environmental Protection Agency committed to enforcing a stricter set of guidelines for digital televisions. As of November 1st, televisions with the Energy Star label must be 30 percent more efficient than “traditional” models. The EPA predicts that if all the televisions in America were sold with the new stringent requirements, it would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the amount spewed by 1 million cars, and save Americans as much as 1 billion dollars in energy costs.

Now folks, surely I’m not suggesting that you should toss out your old set and buy a brand new one. I mean come on, that’s totally wasteful. But, the next time your TV goes kaput, just make sure your replacement is sealed with the totally sexy Energy Star label. Because the only thing better than watching crappy reality television is watching crappy reality television while helping to save the world.