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Are you someone who enjoys ‘tame’ sharks? If so, I would urge even you to reconsider clicking below. You see, the movie I’m about to reveal not only involves sharks. Oh no. It involves tame sharks that are turned in man-eating killers because of secretly released toxins by a greedy corporate real estate developer! If you can hardly believe this is a script, much less a movie — run away now! But, if you must know, click more to find out what famed green activist actually gave the green light to star in this epic! You’ve been warned!


Daryl Hannah.


It’s been revealed that the actress will star this summer in Shark Swarm. Here’s the synopsis:

This Summer, Daryl will star along with John Schneider (“Smallville”) and Armand Assante (“American Gangster”) in the Hallmark Channel Original Movie Event “Shark Swarm,” premiering as part of a blockbuster Memorial Day Weekend, Saturday, May 24. Set in the small coastal town of Full Moon Bay, the film deals with a greedy corporate real estate developer who is secretly releasing toxins that are killing the fish and turning otherwise tame sharks into man eating killers. Hannah plays the wife of Schneider’s character, whose fishery is threatened by the deadly toxins in the water.

Who needs a Captain Planet movie when we’ve got this gem? And what the hell is a “tame” shark?

I can’t wait.

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  • Paul Smirh

    Yes!!! I always think about how they joked that Jaws should have been called Flaws, since Bruce the Shark had so many malfunctions.

    Glad to see Darryl’s out there, putting some mainstream action behind her personal life green actions. Nothing like a little killer shark to help get your green on.

  • oakling

    Maybe they mean “tame” as in “boring.” Oh, those boring unpolluted non-killer sharks!

  • MHC

    I’m one of the writers of Shark Swarm. My writing partner and I love action horror movies. We love monster movies. We love disaster movies. We grew up watching black and white creature features at the local drive-in. We loved JAWS and ORCA and PIRANAH and ALLIGATOR and all the rest of the films in that guilty-pleasure sub-genre. We love silly plots, special effects, and over-the-top set pieces. We love entertaining people who enjoy that kind of film.

    But we’re also eco-minded Democratic Party members who scrape by like struggling grad students and yet still manage to financially support Green organizations. We spend as much time writing complaint letters to Fox advertisers as we do writing monster movies.

    Boiled down, the movie is about a wealthy corporate villain who wants to buy up all the land in a small working class fishing town so that he can make a lot of money. His villainous plan involves poisoning the bay so that he can drive out the fishermen who’ve lived there their whole lives. One of the heroes is an EPA agent. The others heroes are blue collar fishermen, ocean science professors, a priest, and a few surfers. Daryl’s character runs a small shop that sells nothing but recycled objects found washed up on the local beaches. It’s in the script.

    Shark Swarm is a made for cable science fiction/action/horror/adventure movie, not An Inconvenient Truth. Our job on this show was to write the wildest shark movie adventure we could dream up. We added the environmental issues because they worked for the story and because we support them in real life.

    If this experience has shown me anything, it’s that no matter what your intentions are, someone will always find a way to point out your supposed failings.

    By the way, the “greedy corporate real estate developer who is secretly releasing toxins that are killing the fish and turning sharks into man eating killers” gets a nice gory comeuppance in the end. No need for a SPOILER warning for that one.

    As far as the idea that there might be “otherwise tame” sharks out there in the ocean… I have no idea who wrote that dopey description. Not me or my writing partner, that’s for sure. “Tame” sharks are never mentioned in the script. But if you folks want to get your knickers in a bunch over the wording of the PR, knock yourselves out.

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