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valkilmer_barson_5831294.jpgOdd how this all pans out.

Originally, Will Arnett from Arrested Development was set to play the voice of KITT for the upcoming Knight Rider movie. However, Arnett has also lent his talents to General Motors — as the voice of GMC Trucks. Well, the new solar/hybird KITT is a Ford Mustang — and once GM heard Arnett was the soul behind the metal, they got all discombobulated and asked him to step off. Enter Val Kilmer. Yes, that Val Kilmer.

Frankly, I couldn’t be happier with this choice? Why — well one, I dig Val Kilmer. Not only does he have a treehouse, but he’s also planning an eco-village and his own organic foods empire. Might as well throw in voicing the coolest talking car on the planet. (Sorry, Herbie)

Kilmer’s got his work cut out for him. Knight Rider premieres on NBC on February 17th.

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