by Michael dEstries
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Ecorazzi is looking to expand our coverage of west coast events and festivities. We’re especially in need of peeps in Los Angeles and San Francisco to act as field reporters for the ‘razz and subject yourself to answering questions like, “What’s a blog?” and “Do you have George Clooney’s phone number?” Of course, we’ll provide you with the latter, but the first one is up to you. George is great at helping fix flats.

In return, we can offer to get you into some swank parties, cool lounges, and other green bashes. We need all types — from people who know how to operate video and still cameras to those not afraid to mingle with the stars, write up quick articles, and dance on tables.

So, if you think you’re up to the task — and you might be available on short-notice — send me a note and introduce yourself. Once we’re sure you’re up to date on your tetanus shots (Hollywood can be brutal), we’ll send you out into the field to drink and be merry.

Give me a shout here.

Oh, and for you East Coasters — don’t worry. Your time is coming.

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  • Jenny

    I know we’re not the greenest – or most celeb-ridden – city, but shout if you need any help down in the Atlanta area. :-)

  • ebz

    *frowns at the wigga pic*

  • parrish

    Come on west coast, show some ‘razzi love!!! You know we’re representin’ in NYC!!!