I swear, Scott Wolf has barely changed since his Party Of Five days. Come to think of it, Matthew Fox hasn’t really aged either. What are these people drinking? Kabbalah water?

Anyways, Scott was recently paid a visit by the EcoZone team — a group of sustainable experts led by Daisy Fuentes that invade the homes of stars and work to make them more eco-friendly. Along the way, loads of eco-friendly tips are dished out — designed to help viewers make their own pads as green as possible. Previous episodes have featured the homes of actors Ron Livingston, Patrick Warburton, and Allison Janney.

In this episode, Scott and his wife Kelley receive a natural fiber rug, dining chairs made out of sustainable materials, eco-friendly furniture for the family room, an organic garden, and a drip-irrigation system for the yard to conserve watering. Ah, it’s good to be a star.

You can check out the videos and photos online.

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