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It’s official: Prince Charles is purposely trying to suck up to the Ecorazzi team. Yeah you heard me, Brittan’s own P.Ciddy is going to the theater, saving trees, appearing as holograms, and all as part of a mission to steal the coveted Ecorazzi Poster Boy title from Ed. Begley Jr. And now there’s this:

In the wake of the recent Spice Girl breakup, it’s just been announced that Britain’s own eco-conscious Prince is going on tour…well kinda. Starting March 4th, Charles and Camilla will tour the Caribbean in a yacht that’s being billed as “environmentally friendly.” Prince Charles and his crew rented the 246-foot vessel Leander from businessman, Donald Gosling, and will be taking it on an 11-day trip. His office said that sailing, rather than flying, would reduce the trip’s carbon footprint and be lighter on the old Buckingham billfold than traveling by chartered plane.

Ok Prince, you win! I’m totally impressed. But until you build your home out of Peat Moss, insulate your house in recycled tires that you yourself cleaned off the highway, and get your mama to open her own biodynamic winery at Buckingham Palace, you’ll never trump Ed Begley Jr. So keep doing your part and maybe one day Camilla will be the first Green Queen!