sigg.jpgWhile SIGG has gained worldwide recognition over the past couple years as environmental awareness has risen, their impact on the bottle industry is older than either you or I. Unless of course, there are some of you out there older than 100. If so, I need to update Ecorazzi’s demographics.

Anyways, it’s time to celebrate! SIGG turns 100 years young this year and to mark the occasion are launching Sigg100 — a new site that explores the 100 most significant eco-moments of the past century. Here’s what’s going down:

Visitors to will also have an opportunity to chat directly with environmental activists through SIGG Switzerland’s bi-monthly Q&A series. Chat hosts include Academy Award winning producer and author Laurie David; acclaimed actor and environmental enthusiast, Ed Begley Jr.; The Oprah Winfrey show and NBC Nightly News environmental contributor P. Simran Sethi; Founder of and Domino Magazine’s eco-editor Zem Joaquin; and Executive Director of Healthy Child Healthy World, Christopher Gavigan.

Regulars to the site will also have an opportunity to win a free trip to Hawaii to attend the two day Kokua Festival. This is the same music jam hosted by Jack Johnson on April 19th and 20th in honor of Earth Day.

We congratulate SIGG on their centennial anniversary! Don’t forget to pay a visit this coming Monday for the start of their Eco 100 Greatest Moments! The trip down memory lane will end on Earth Day, April 22nd.

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  • Caley

    How does one get to the website? It requires a user name and password.

  • LankaKitten

    I had that issue too.

  • oakling

    I wish Jack Johnson wouldn’t host things. His music makes me want to scoop my brains out through my forehead.

  • JG

    The site’s working!

  • matt

    I would be stoked to win tickets, if only to get back to Hawaii. I have to admit the artist line-up isn’t my top 100, but I’d be good with seeing Jack Johnson. His Curious George soundtrack work is a staple around our house.

  • Free Market Organics

    Three years ago I signed up to have google alert me anytime a news article on bad plastics and bisphenol-a was posted to the net. Around the same time I queried Sigg on the contents of their bottle liner. This article on Sigg came to me through that google alert. Since I made that inquiry and it was ignored, my Sigg bottles have become stylish vases in my home, feeding cut flowers rather then my daughter and myself. Why would I retire such expensive and supposedly safe bottles so early?

    Sigg bottles are lined with water based epoxy in order to prevent the aluminum bottle from corroding. Almost all water-based epoxies are created using bisphenol-a. Sigg wlll not release the ingredients used in their lining BUT they test for leaching bisphenol-a which leads one to believe they have REASON to test for bisphenol-a. A company that uses undisclosed ingredients has no place in the “green” product market. A prolonged exposure to the smallest levels (parts per billion)of bisphenol-a can cause damage to our endocrine systems. Considering the fact that we are being “hit ” by this chemical from so many different angles in our environment, every degree of elimination matters. There is no human tool that can test for the smallest harmful quantity of bisphenol-a so a long term independent peer reviewed study is needed for accurate claims to be made on whether or not a product is leaching a harmful amount. Sigg has not conducted a study of any kind and therefore they should not claim to be safe because they really have no idea whether they are or not. Being that they are European or Swiss makes no difference at all regarding their safety.

    While Sigg is a sexy product and reusable, it is not accurately guaranteed to be any safer then plastic bottles.

    For info on an ongoing discussion between some green retailers regarding Sigg:

    The safest options for sturdy water bottles are currently stainless steel. Otherwise a glass bottle or jar is it. We feed babies with glass, why not use it ourselves?


    Amelia Royko Maurer

    Free Market Organics LLC
    342 S. Madison St.
    Evansville, WI

    ph: 608-332-5042
    fax: 608-882-0397

  • linda

    SIGG makes amazing stainless steel bottles as well as lined aluminium!

  • Amelia Royko Maurer


  • Kris

    Amelia, the water bottles on your site are made in China, how do you personally ensure that what you say you get is what you get? What grade of Stainless?

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