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I’ll be honest: before researching this article, I only knew Joy Bryant as,”that cute chick in the movie with Martin Lawrence.” But although not quite a household name, she has the combination of star quality and environmental responsibility that leave you begging for more, more, more.

In a recent interview with Black Voices‘, Joy Bryant admitted to sharing some personality traits with Bianca Kittles, her not so likeable character in the new Martin Lawrence movie, Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins. Bryant says, “She (Bianca) drives a hybrid and so do I but our reasons are different. She’s a vegetarian and I’m a vegetarian, but our reasons are different as well.” Well hell girl, I don’t really care about the reasons, just as long as you’re getting it done!!!

Bryant is also a huuuuggggeeeee Obama supporter (me too) and has been busy campaigning for her main man. And just last week, she was spotted in NYC enjoying fashion week.

From everyone here at Ecorazzi: thanks for dropping the meat and picking up the hybrid. Joy Bryant, like you support Obama, we support you!!