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I’m fairly new to the Ecorazzi crack squad, and so I wasn’t around last year to cover Anna Nicole Mania. If you were on a different planet, let me catch you up: Anna Nicole Smith died, Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead both thought they were her baby’s father, then a third man came out, big fight, paternity test, Larry Birkhead wins the title. Well, now Howard K. Stern (the other guy) has popped up in the news again and this time with a “charitable message”

Howard K. Stern has decided to mark the anniversary of Smith’s death by creating a charity in Anna’s name. The charity is called the Anna Nicole And Daniel Wayne Smith Charitable Foundation and aims to benefit a variety of causes, from children to the elderly and even AIDS .

Stern said, “Hopefully it will grow, help more people each year, and eventually be headed by her daughter Dannielynn. All donations through February 2008 will benefit a charity in the Bahamas for underprivileged and at risk youths that Anna Nicole wanted to help.”

You know, I have a lot of nasty feelings towards Stern about the whole media circus he essentially ring led during the weeks after Smith’s passing, but if he can produce a gesture of goodwill out of this tragedy then perhaps I can forgive. So Howard, a pat on the back from me to you for taking the steps to turn a negative into a positive. Razzi readers: we’ll keep ya’ll updated on how this all pans out.

  • ash

    One look at that kid proved it was Larry’s. Genetics are amazing.

  • Angelica

    Was this done with good intentions, or just another way for this grifter to profit off the dead? In looking at his history, I would tend to believe the later.

  • beverly

    I love Howard. I think what he’s doing is great. People need to remember that Anna loved Howard too. I think he’s gotten a raw deal for the blame of her death. She was a grown women who choose to do drugs. It’s her own fault she’s not here. Every time she was on t.v. she was on drugs or drunk.

  • oakling

    Her death is a tragedy because it shows how abuse kills… often through drug addictions… at least if people don’t face it and seek out recovery. But goddamn, is this a terrifying picture. It looks a little bit like an invisible dentist is having at her gums.

  • Jill from Western Australia

    The train wreck known as ANS dragged every true friend down!…all she was left with were the “dregs” who ENABLED her DRUG ABUSE…I’m waiting for CHARGES against HK$!
    This fake “Bimbo” “duped” all of her “minions”…sadly her daughter will have to read about her!
    ANS LOVED ONLY ANS…used others to acquire her DRUGS…yet the male population think that she was “gorgeous”…SRI…she was NOT!!!
    Larry you are doing a GR8 job of raising Dannielynn!

  • Jill from Western Australia

    I want 6% HK$ not only ENABLED ANS with the drugs that killed her but should be held responsible for his NEGLIGENCE!!!

    Setting up a charity “DOESN’T “WASH” WITH ME!

    ANS manipulated everyone who loved her..when the didn’t get/give her drugs SHE “DUMPED” THEM…that got “rid of all her TRUE FRIENDS”…all she DESERVED was the “LEFTOVER SCUM!!!”.

  • noodlemonkey

    given his history, i question his motives as well…