flowerThe people of New Orleans have many heroes to thank for their efforts in helping post-Katrina, but few may be as giving as former native Ellen DeGeneres. The comedian/talk show host has helped raise more than $10 million for various charities focusing on rebuilding the city; most recently $800,000 for Brad Pitt’s Make It Right NOLA campaign. Website Muckety helps map out DeGeneres’s sphere of influence. Have a look here.

flowerNicole Kidman is getting ready for her first child with country singer Keith Urban. In preparation, she recently ordered a range of organic linen, clothing and plush toys from Sydney’s Double Bay baby boutique, Bay Bee Cino. Said Kidman of her pregnancy, “I’ll have bigger boobs. That’s one of the many good things I can think of that will come of it.” For a look at Bay Bee Cino’s products, jump here.

flowerPrince Charles’s plan to develop an eco-friendly home from only natural materials (like stone and timber) is being given low marks for green home status according to some codes setup by the British government. Ironically, building naturally — as opposed to incorporating plastics or man-made insulation materials — is not airtight enough to meet the definition of a zero-carbon home. So while the Prince is saving the world from pollution in the creation of these materials, he’s still not doing enough to combat Global Warming with his ‘natural’ home. You can’t win. [via environmental grafitti]

flowerUnfortunately, Hedi Fleiss’s plans to open the world’s first wind-powered brothel may have to wait a bit longer. The famous Hollywood Madame was arrested last week for “driving without a license, possession of dangerous drugs without a prescription, under the influence of a controlled substance and driving under the influence of a controlled substance.” Sorry ladies — that eco-friendly stud farm will be along in a bit. Till then, I’d encourage you to contact Parrish. [via styledash]

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  • http://awsomnss@piczo.com Lulu

    luving u ellen. ur awsome!

  • http://bradsbigidea.blogspot.com/ crixenauf

    I think it is great that she help raise money for Brad’s Make it Right.

  • http://lfie271933@aol.com charlene hicks

    I think other people in tne us need help also. It is amazin how so many things can happen to a family in a little over a year and I don’t know where to go or what to do. Maybe you will have some answers. I don’t want to be on the show but I would like to share some things with you. I am a nurse that did work in the neonatal intensive care unit. I got involved with someone I worked with (yes I am married) and I ended up losing my job, and he got slap on the hand. Why is it always the woman that gets in trouble or is treated like a whore instead of the man? Anyway, that happened just before Christmas 2006. The hospital put no rehire on my file so I have had a difficult time finding a job since then. Besides that, I was to have a hysterectomy in May 2007, I was drying my hair and my heart rate went over 220 beats per minute, called an ambulance and ended up having an ablation (burning areas that are misfiring in your heart). Still without a job in June we jound out my husband has hodgkins lymphoma. He went through chemotherapy (he is 54 years old), I finally got a job but it was part time, I had the hysterectomy in August then in in November I broke my foot. Couldn’t work for about 6 weeks, Went back to work believe it or not I ended up in the hospitl again with a fast heart beat >200 per minute. The medicine they gave me killed me and they had to resucitate me doing chest compressions as well and putting the breathing tube in. It was a night mare. The medicine they gave wasn’t the same thing they gave the time before. I don’t know why they decided to use that particular med but they did. I ended up having a heart attack from the chest compressions and the shocking I received in the ER and CCU. I was in the hosp from 1-23-08 to 2-15-08. On 02-05 I was sent to Atlanta, GA to have open heart surgery because I was born with a hole in my heart that was supposed to be fixed 2 times when I was a teenager. needless to say it wasn’t fixed correctly so now I have a pacemaker.
    Now tell me, does this sound like a normal life. I feel as though I can’t take much more and don’t know what else to do. Do you have any suggestions? If so please let me know. I am having a difficult time emotionally and financially. Do you know anyone that may be ale to help us?
    Please don’t just blow me off. I can send you any documentation you need to show you I am being honest.
    Thanks for listening

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