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First actress Sarah Michelle Gellar dropped her clothes for a sexy Vaseline ad. Now, those same photos are being auctioned off on eBay to help raise money for the Coalition of Skin Diseases charity. The event is all part of Vaseline’s campaign to promote their moisturizer products while also helping raise awareness of skin conditions. From the article,

For this photo shoot she spares herself any blushes with some crafty camera-work and clever posing. Vaseline challenged their customers to guess the identity of the mystery celebrity in their new campaign. In one close up picture only her well manicured hand can be seen resting on her arm. In another her hair falls over her face as she wraps her arms around her bare legs. The skin care company then gives a glimpse of the star’s lips and chin with the slogan “Keeping skin amazing”.

According to FemaleFirst, Gellar — who has always vowed that she would never reveal all for any film role — posed for the sexy photo in a tiny black dress, which was later removed digitally to make the actress appear nude. More pics available after the jump below.






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  • oakling

    Aw – if only it were Willow!

  • Donna

    i always thought vaseline was bad for your skin? pore cloggin and such, no? please enlighten me. peace and thanks.

  • Pema

    It is very, VERY bad for your skin as far as clogging pores goes…

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  • nms

    The Vaseline company sells lotions and other skin products which are not “vaseline” aka petroleum jelly.

  • mick muir

    its good for your skin thats why she is doing it