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A few years ago, Hurricane Boy Band hit the world like a fatal, airborne disease-showering generic lyrics and computer generated harmonies over every major radio station on the planet. From the sugary wreckage emerged such groups as NSYNC, The Backstreet Boys and other vanilla flavored, fun-loving, singing and dancing metrosexuals that left every preteen girl on the block begging for more and more merchandise. While these groups helped reinvent blonde highlights and male eyebrow grooming, their songs seemed to lack any message more meaningful than: Be Kind, Rewind. UNTIL NOW!!!!!!

You guys, I don’t know if this is a joke or what, but I about laughed my ass off watching this new eco-foursome sing about the harmful effects of global warming via bubble gum pop. Essentially, the EkoBoys (because was probably already taken) are a group of four “friends” who sing songs about planet earth through the confines of poorly tracked instrumentals.

I know, I know, at least they’re singing about something important, but after just a few minutes of this video you’ll start to wonder if maybe boy bands became extinct for a reason. Come on, let’s face it: it’s 2008 and we’ve totally progressed musically…I mean have you LISTENED to Hannah Montana? COME ON! So break out your solar powered lighters and watch the frigin’ video already. Enjoy…or something like that.


  • michael

    Why does it sound like a church hymn?

    The dog and horse rule!

  • Martin “Martyboy” Fermstad

    Hi and thanx for promoting our song.
    To make things clear:

    1: Yes the whole boyband image is a just a joke but still there is some serious intentions with the band. ALl of us are studying Enviromental engineering at the techical university in Lund,Sweden so we all really care about the enviroment etc. But noone in the band is really a fan of boybands. me for once is actually the singer for a hardcore/grindcoreband

    2. The name EKO comes from the swedish name of our education, ekosystemteknik which as you might already have understood means ecosystemtechnique.

    3. The dogs nsme is Gimli and is the fifth member of the band. The horse is just a random horse who happend to be on the same beach as we=)

    4. Stay tuned for more Ekoboyssongs and or videos=)

  • michael

    All joke aside, I really dig the effort guys. Keep it up!

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