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rothschild.jpgDavid de Rothschild keeps busy. Not only is the 29-year-old the heir to one of the largest banking fortunes in Europe, but he’s also a committed environmentalist, adventurer, and author of several books; the latest of which is the Global Warming Survival Guide — that accompanied the Live Earth celebration back in July. Now, Rothschild is placing the final touches on two new green-themed shows for both the Sundance Channel and Nickelodeon. From the release,

“NBC’s Peacock Productions is working with David on a series pilot looking at the environmental impact of a range of consumer products on day to day life. A date for the series, being shown on the Sundance Channel, has yet to be announced. Sharon Scott, the senior VP of Peacock Productions said: ‘David is a fresh voice championing the environmental issues of our day. His passion for the environment and endless sense of adventure make him an ideal messenger for our informative and entertaining programming geared towards a younger audience.’

David is also teaming up with Nickelodeon UK to help present a multi-media project called Nicks Big Thing, which is a week of environmental programming on the net screening from Monday February 25th to Friday 29th. Programmes illustrate small things that can make a big difference. For example, young people are challenged to look at their daily lives to find evidence of global warming. They then have to consider what can be done about it, before presenting their findings to Hilary Benn, secretary of state for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.”

Rothschild is definitely on to something by engaging children in the environmental movement. He’s written several eco-books for kids and provides educational materials on his green site, Adventure Ecology. As part of that organization, this summer he’ll also set off across the Pacific Ocean in a boat made from waste water bottles highlighting the impact of such consumer dependencies. No doubt, we’ll see this adventure highlighted on one of the two new cool shows above. We’ll keep you posted as more details flow in…

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  • ash

    all other ‘heirs’ should take a clue.

  • d.i.r

    yup yup
    & he seems like a really nice guy :D :D

  • truth squad

    i wonder if hes down with the cut throat illumanti ties his famiily isenvolved with. his family bloodline is tainted pass fixing.

  • plebe

    Yea David, You’re so groovey and bankster!

    How can I helps you with kill’ns Billionz of thez stoopids sleepoles? Maybe we can tellz,m that thems polar bearz is drowning and like we ought save the planet by eliminates some of these useless feeders eh?

    Afters all what’s the hells all the moneyez in the World good for if ya cants smashs afew these chattle slaves? They’s eat up all of your OWN planet, no?

    maybe i can gets a gig playing ‘Greenz” wits ya? Then we all jet around the world popping champange bottles and pop models ;)

    all da best to ya baron Davie

  • Eric

    This sounds like a true to form Rothschild ploy. Indoctrinating the world’s youth, and doing everything in his power to get them to hop on board the efforts various governments are making to control the populations of their contries. I bet Bilderberg loves this guy.

  • AreYoutheOne

    Hey D.R.

    Every Day of your life Going Green will never payback the blood on the hands of your acestors. I’m glad i dont have to go through life with your last name… dope in the world can get you high enough to be able to “relax” with the $hit you know your family did. Good luck going green…..we know you can go red…….