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While 007 may get the ladies, he’s certainly not receiving any praise from environmentalists. The latest slam comes from the skipper of the planet’s fastest eco-boat, Peter Bethune. Last year, he auctioned off his home to fund the £1.5m Earthrace project to beat the round-the-world speed record by powerboat. His 75ft boat run specifically on biodiesel, has a zero carbon footprint, and makes a statement that going green can be sexy, as well as efficient and good for the planet. Now he’s focused his sights on the James Bond franchise and is calling out the producers for failing to include more green elements in their movies; specifically their choice of the Aston Martin DBS for the latest film, Quantum of Solace. Apparently, that vehicle was ranked among the top 10 worst performers in last year’s Environmental Transport Association’s Car Buyer’s Guide. From the article,

“It’s about time movie producers started acting responsibly,” said Pete. “James Bond is an iconic figure, a role model seen as the height of cool. The Bond movies provide an ideal platform to raise awareness of these new green technologies, and it is irresponsible for movie makers to completely neglect this. Whilst the planet is irreparably damaged, audiences across the globe are being taught not to care. We all have a duty to use every possible method at our disposal to limit our effect on the planet – James Bond included.”

You’d think the Bond producers would at least consider showing off the Tesla Roadster. What better way for a spy to sneak up on people than with an almost-silent sports car?

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