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Yeah okay, I get it…I have like zero Keith Urban credibility.  After the last story I wrote on Urban, his fans seemed to descend from the sky on huge glow in the dark cowboy hats to tell me just how wrong I was. Well, stick a feather in your hat and call it macaroni-I’m about to give Keith Urban a sweetie.

It turns out Keith Urban is a pretty green conscious dude after all! In fact, during his upcoming tour, Urban will be taking some very eco-conscious steps towards sustainability. First off, his tour bus will run entirely on biodiesel fuel. While I know there are a few of you out there that feel like biodiesel isn’t the answer, I say, you have to crawl to walk and walk to run.  Also, Keith has teamed up will the environmental T-shirt firm, Chaser Merchandise, to ensure all the t-shirts offered to the fans are made from partially recycled material…including plastic bottles.

Keith said, “While I am far from the greenest guy on the block, I do look for situations where I can make even a small difference. And so the idea that our concert tees could retain the same look and feel, but be partly made from recycled materials appealed greatly to me”.

Ok, put me in a corner-give me a timeout-call my mother! Perhaps I was a little, tiny, baby amount out of line with the first “burn Keith Urban at the stake” post.  Hell, between Dolly Parton’s boob donation and Urban’s recycled tee’s, it looks like country music stars are helping to lead the way on the long path to sustainability! So, YEE-HAW!!!! 


  • gloria

    You will find no sweeter, thoughtful artist than Keith Urban. I think now that Keith has his personal life on track and with the right person, I think you will see more of this kind of Keith. He and Nicole seem to be willing to help the world anyway they can! Glad I’m a fan of both of theirs.

  • Susan

    I knew one of Keith’s fans would correct you on your last article. Keith announced that his busses were running on bio-diesel back in July when he participated in Live Earth, so he is not catching up, he has been green minded all along.

  • oakling

    What I would especially love to see would be people collecting the water bottles people toss out at their concerts and turning those straight into concert tees.