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Oh this is good. This is really, really, REALLY good! is reporting that Paris Hilton has lost custody of her pet cat Prada (no, I’m serious…that’s the cat’s actual name) after failing to pick her up from the vet. The pet lover (and by lover I mean…) dropped her cat off at the end of January to get neutered. And since it’s now February and there’s still no sign of Paris, the vet called Prada’s original owner, Kris Kelly, whom Paris adopted her from last year.

Ok, there’s a lot to say here. First off, big ups to Paris for adopting an animal instead of buying one, and also for taking it to get neutered. Those are both big steps for the Hiltonmeister. BUT, (and this is a pretty big but), unlike dry cleaning or takeout, you can’t just NOT pick up a cat. We animal rightsers like to call that…oh I don’t know…NEGLECT!! At least that’s what Kris Kelly is saying and thus insisting that Paris has lost all feline privileges due to this, “clear-cut case of abandonment.” Kelly even told that she tried to contact Hilton, but the socialite never returned her calls.

So to me this is sorta funny- in like a sad, predictable, eye-rolling kind of way. I mean who drops an animal off at the vet and then just decides, “You know, I think maybe I’m done with this whole pet owner thing?” Paris has said on numerous occasions that she looks forward to having children. EEK! I hope she remembers that daycare ends at 6, and that when dropping your child off at a sleepover it’s considered polite to at least EVENTUALLY pick them back up.

Oh Paris, what are we going to do with you?

  • Rita

    I’m just happy that this bimbo doesn’t have a baby. Thank goodness Nicole Richie got knocked up instead. But seriously who cares, we all know that she is just one crack whore train wreck.
    The other day I was reading an article and apparently a top survey company found that 89% of Americans don’t care about Paris Hilton. It’s kind of ironic after all, she doesn’t care about a cat, we don’t care about her.

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  • Lynn

    You know what is even sadder about this story THE WRITER SPELLED LOSES INCORRECTLY . LOOSES ?

  • michael

    And yet, no one noticed it till Lynn did…


  • parrish

    thanks Lynn. fixed. wanna make out?

  • Roscoe

    I read that the vet office employee made up the story for some attention and that she never actually took her cat there in the first place. How do we know that this story is even accurate? I know Paris can be an idiot, but let’s not condemn her for this when we don’t even know the facts.

  • Marz

    What about the fact that you neuter males… so the cat’s a “him” not a “her”. As in, “She failed to pick him up from the vet.” I guess I’m expecting too much from an article on Paris Hilton.