What’s better than a room full of 20 supermodels? A room full of 20 supermodels in eco-friendly clothes…DUH!!!

The Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) is teaming up with the fashion industry for their, “Pick Your Cotton Carefully” campaign, which is aimed to help clean up the cotton business. Shockingly, six of the seven largest cotton producers have been accused of using child labor in their fields and often pay the children no more than 2 dollars a day for backbreaking work. So to help fight the good fight, designers like Luella Bartley, Christian Lacroix, Betty Jackson and Katharine Hamnett have created some stylish eco-wear produced on organic and fairly traded cotton with all the proceeds going to the EJF.

Furthermore, 20 supermodels have offered to help support the “Pick Your Cotton Carefully’ campaign by being photographed in the exclusive t-shirts by super talented fashion photographer, Eric Guillemain. We all know a little star power can help boost a campaign (see: Barack Obama) and in the past the EJF has been supported by such stars as: Lily Cole, Erin O’Connor and KT Tunstall (our girl).

SOOOOOO, run, walk or dance to to learn about the campaign, view the pictures, and buy a t-shirt or two. FYI: I wear a size medium.

  • helene

    Amazing campaign. Amazing pictures. Amazing casting.