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kerry.jpgflowerAh, what might have been. If John Kerry had managed to pull off the presidential win in 2004, might this SUV be bringing in massive moolah for charity? We’ll never know. Instead, you can pick up the environmentally-friendly Senator’s 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid on a used lot called “Koons Ford Auto Dealership” in Falls Church, VA. What did he get as a replacement? The 2008 Chevy Tahoe Hybrid — which gets about 22mpg compared to the Escape’s 30mpg. Tsk, tsk. [via washington post sleuth]

flowerVancouver Film Studios has become the first Canadian film and television production facility to go completely carbon-neutral. Efficient lighting, reduced thermostats, improved insulation, recycling, and composting are some of the new green initiatives being used during production. Check out the press release here.

flowerAaron ‘p-nut’ Wills, the youngest member of the band 311, recently became the latest celebrity to give the new Tesla Roadster a spin. Here’s a bit of his impressions: “All in all I had the car for about an hour, one which I will never forget. I was sore from smiling and it was time to bring VP10 back to the trailer in which it dreams of a world where all cars give so much and leave behind so little.” [via tesla motors blog]

flowerFinally, in honor of Valentine’s Day Eve, Oceana has launched specially designed ocean-themed e-Valentine’s Day cards for all ages and flowers through Organic Bouquet. You can also take a look at their new PSA titled ‘Mating Season‘ that shows marine life expressing some love to each other. I’m always a sucker for some good sea urchin romance.

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