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Can I tell you something? I don’t drink tap water. Oh God, does this make me totally unqualified to write for Ecorazzi? In fact, I am a total bottled water snob! And even though people tell me New York tap water is clean, I still avoid it like the plague.  But it’s Valentine’s Day, a day for love, and so perhaps I will follow the crowd of students who are all yelling at me to declare my love for the natural stuff and take a swig of the old faucet juice.

Yes friends, today on Valentine’s Day, students from across the country are declaring their love for tap water in the celebrity-judged I Heart Tap Water student video contest. The I Heart Tap Water contest asks students to make a one to two minute video which should include these three important parts: a declaration of love for tap water, some discussion about bottled water consumption, and why the student’s college or university should break the bottled water habit.

Celebrity judge, Alec Baldwin has said “Bottled water is not as environmentally friendly as people think it is.” Wait a tick, who thinks bottle water is eco-friendly? Yes, I drink it, but I know it’s not environmentally responsible and thus flog myself for it in private.  Alec, I think you’re awesome, but your insight lacks insight.

So practice what I preach and not what I do by getting involved with the I Heart Tap Water contest. Submissions will be accepted until Monday, April 14th, and the winner of the contest will be announced on Earth Day, April 22nd. For more information and contest rules, drink your way over to

On a side note: Happy Valentine’s Day Ecorazzi readers…let’s go steady!

  • michael

    As a side note, you’re fired.

  • Parrish Lover

    I HEART Parrish!!!!!

  • roz

    filter it.

  • Dan

    Tap water is GREAT!!!But I filter mine, it gets the horrible chlorine taste out of the water. You should also use reusable water bottles, check out a full line of bottles, some stainless steel, and one made out of CORN (with a filter included in the bottle) at

  • parrish

    (Parrish bats his eyes and shakes his tail feathers)

  • michelle

    Get more facts about bottled water quality and its impact on the environment at