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Apparently, each year in the magical land of Bristol, England there’s an event called the Vegan Environmental Awards, which highlights all the great VEG stuff from the past year.

The latest drama surrounding the event is that Sir. Paul McCartney narrowly missed a nomination for the 2008 ethical Oscar while his estranged wife, Heather Mills McCartney, made it through.

The list of 64 other nominations includes groups like: Whole Foods, vegan campaigners such as Ingrid Newark from PETA, and the directors of Vegfam. Also, there’s a category for the best vegan shows like: Animal Aid’s Christmas Without Cruelty and The London Vegan Festival.

So head over to the Vegan Enviromental Awards website and vote on your favorite vegan products for a chance to win some cool prizes. Dear England, I’m super jealous that you’re more Veg-Friendly than we are.  Love, Parrish.

  • oakling

    They really are, darn them. But you know what? It’s a lot easier to effect social change when you live on a tiny little island!!

  • Inga Ambrosia

    That’s why we have to do something about it here. We’re just about ready to evolve into a plant-eating society, due to meat consumption restrictions that are right around the corner, and the environmental research that puts a vegan diet as the solution to the problem.

    It’s happening, we just have to work a little faster and try harder.


  • parrish

    Inga-Yes, Yes and Yes. Rock the vegan, Inga!

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  • Marea Vedge

    Maybe someone here can coordinate a u.s. Vegan Environmental Award… :)