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When you hear the name Pamela Anderson, what’s the first thing that pops in your head? Oh come on, don’t be gross! Sure, you could think of the scandals or the sex tape or the botched marriages, but instead I like to think about all the super wonderful things she’s done for the sake of the animals. And guess what? The Baywatch beauty is at it again.  

It’s been reported that Pamela Anderson plans on delivering a letter from fellow animal rights activist, Brigitte Bardot to the Canadian ambassador to protest the hunting of seals. Pamela was in Paris, France for Valentine’s Day to star in a series of burlesque shows at the world famous Le Crazy Horse club and took the opportunity to speak with the press.  

Pam said, “It (seal hunting) sickens me not just as a Canadian but as a human being.”  Pam also asked the fashion industry to stop using animal pelts in production. She added, “The hunt was dead for 20 years, and has been revived, not to honor local customs or conserve cod stocks, but because new markets for fur have opened up in Russia and China.”

So Pam, even though your personal life has been through some rough sauce lately, I want to thank you for staying steadfast with your activist efforts and keeping it real for the sake of the seal. I’d ask you to marry me but…well…umm…let’s just stick to what we’re good at and save animals together.