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paris-hilton1.jpgHow Paris Hilton can forget about leaving her cat Prada at the vet, but remember to take care of 17 dogs is beyond me. The Los Angeles Department of Animal Services is wondering the same thing, as they’ve recently made Hilton the center of yet another investigation of animal welfare.

Apparently, Hilton built a mansion for her 17 dogs in her garden. She even filled it with matching furnishings so that they would ‘feel comfortable’. From the interview,

“I have 17 dogs. So I built a doggie mansion in my backyard. It’s a replica of my house with a chandelier and the same furniture. They all live there”.

Hilton revealed her doggie playland while on the Ellen DeGeneres Show this past Monday. Unfortunately, what she didn’t realize is that it’s illegal to have more than three dogs at any one “non-kennel, non-breeder, residential address” in Los Angeles. Whoops.

I don’t know about you, but I miss the “fresh-out-of-jail-I’ve-got-some-perspective-on-life” Paris Hilton. You know, the one that was going to get real involved with charities, the environment, become an adult, etc. I guess I really don’t see that happening anymore. And it’s a shame. People follow this girl religiously. She could real have an impact if she got involved in something more than building mansions for her dogs.

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