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Alba, Hilton, Anderson…this afternoon Ecorazzi has pretty much been devoted to giving warm fuzzies and cold pricklies to some of today’s sexiest starlets. So let’s continue the trend and talk about… Prince Charles.

This week, Prince Charles stood in front of Parliament and asked:

“Can we really understand the dynamics of a world in which energy and food security will become real issues for everyone? … Can we possibly allow twenty years of business as usual before coal powered generation becomes clean? Are we truly investing enough in renewable energy?”

His comments are in regard to the proposed building of a new coal plant that the government is set to decide on in the next few weeks. Eon, the devilish coal company that enjoys ruining the world and practicing general evil, wants to build the pollutant spewing factory WITHOUT CCS (also known as “clean coal”) technology, thus allowing it to pump out as much carbon dioxide each year as 30 developing countries.

Charles, I don’t really know how the in’s and out’s of British Government, but can’t you just say no? There are two solid truths in this world: Lindsey Lohan should stop drinking and we should stop building these world ending coal plants. So go on you Brits, take to the streets old school style with pitchforks and torches, shouting, Hell No, Make Eon Go!!

  • oakling

    warm fuzzies and cold pricklies – omg! I totally read that book! Now that’s some retro hippie goodness.

  • Pedro

    Here’s a bit of Green Gossip for you – E.ON have just taken on Edelman to do their PR for the carbon belching power station at Kingsnorth. And who is one of Edelman’s former directors married to? none other than John Hutton, the voldemort lookalike minister who gets to decide on whether or not the new power station is built.

  • Carmen

    Haha, no, Prince Charles has ZERO control over the government.

  • PGM

    That’s right, Prince Charles has no control over the legislative process. He’s only got a megaphone…