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If like 10 years ago you had told me that some Canadian chick who thumps her chest, kicks her leg and marries her childhood manager would one day become a best-selling artist, I’d call you a liar and divorce you as a friend. That would all be in haste though, because indeed that Canadian, chest thumping, leg kicking, rocking chair robbing singer has risen to the top of her game. I assume it’s because she’s not only talented as hell, but has one sweet heart.

This past week, Celine Dion spent some quality time with 7-year-old son Rene, and 700-year-old husband Rene (not a typo), visiting an African’s Children Feeding Scheme center in Soweto, South Africa.

The ACFS helps to provide meals for poor, orphaned and abandoned kids living throughout South Africa, and Celine did her part by rolling up her sleeves (do Canadians wear sleeves? I joke) and dishing up some hot chow. The town thanked Celine for her visit with many happy faces and “traditional Zulu beadwork” (as opposed to non-traditional Zulu beadwork, I guess).

Ps-Did you know that Celine is the highest-selling female artist in South Africa? That’s crazy to me. I mean, even if you gave me a multiple choice test and the other possibilities were like Marilyn Manson, Fergie and Heidi Montag, I still wouldn’t have picked her…but I’m a poor test taker. Anyway, thanks Celine for pounding that chest and feeding the world one high note at a time.


  • Alan

    Celine and her husband Rene are extremely generous people. Celine helped serve food in Soweto (where most kids are HIV+), gave the money of her first Taking Chances concert this past Feb.14 in South Africa to the Nelson Mandela Children Foundation, auctioned one of her gold rings, etc. People in the US have to realize how loved and how big she is EVERYWHERE in the world, not just in the US, unlike many of the American stars…She’s a real International Star. Why do you think she filled up the Las Vegas gig for 5 years. And enough about the age of her husband. So what? They love each other and that’s all that matters.

  • oakling

    Not a typo! Hee.
    *fantasizes about bright yellow traditional beaded happy faces*

  • Mel

    I could not have said it better Alan. Celine is loved all over the world even in my small country of “New Zealand”. Sadly she is not coming to NZ so all her fans (including me) are going to her. I hear there are two 747-jumbo planes flying from NZ filled with Celine Fans heading to all parts of Australia where she is performing. Thats devotion!! As for the age thing…well to be honest I don’t think anyone really takes much notice cos their love and happiness out shines all the talk.

  • Mercia

    I recently went to her show on the 14th Feb at the Dome. It was the best show I have ever seen. Her voice is amazing & her show in true Vegas style, the sound, stage, the whole works truly world class. She is one of those brilliant performers that leave a footprint on your heart! Wow, her show is breathtaking! I was humming & singing for days after, went out and bought all her cd’s, just to revive her music once again, to remind me of who I am. Immortality! She rocks…

  • Mercia

    You have to go to her show to truly be in awe of her as a person and performer. Her music lives on inside of you and her voice touches your soul. I was always an avid fan of hers, but now I am a Celine groupie. I will follow her all over Africa, just to listen to her sing again. You will understand this, when you have see her show live…..She gives all of her to her music and shares her soul with you through her music. Amazing…

  • K

    umm… pretty sure Marilyn Manson is not a female artist…

  • parrish

    it was a joke…just apparently not a very GOOD joke.