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Hugh Jackman’s latest project — a prequel to the X-MEN movies called X-Men Origins: Wolverine — is kicking off production in beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand this month. As part of the producers’ efforts to make good with the locals, they have agreed to participate in a case study for the development of a film industry waste strategy. During production, an environmental impact assessment of sets and workshops will be carried out to identify areas where recycling can be maximized. From the article,

“‘A movie of this nature is a huge undertaking, over a relatively short period of time that might involve remote catering for hundreds of cast and crew, administration, set building, construction and painting,’ district council waste minimization manager Stefan Bowry said. ‘The potential for recycling is enormous.'”

As a former local of New Zealand, I’m psyched to see such respect being paid to the incredible environment there. So far, crews have been hitting Glenorchy, Queenstown, and Dunedin. Apparently, Jackman and Co. have also found time to enjoy the sights with a trip on the Shotover Jet Boat river ride. Groovy.

Of course, Jackman’s also got a green streak to him. Last month, the actor was spotted leaving the Bondi Junction’s Westfields shopping center in Sydney, Australia with a reusable ‘garden life’ bag in tow. I have the damnedest time just trying to remember to put mine in the car. (More photos available at JustJared)

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