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Welcome to Oscar Week 2008. While last year’s focus was a tornado of green surrounding Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth nomination, this year’s event is a bit more reserved on the eco-friendly side of things. This could mean one of two things: sustainability is now just part of the game or the whole “going green” mantra was as brief as a flash bulb.

While the Academy has the same “what you can do to go green” list on their website from last year, there’s very little mention of any real efforts to make the event eco-friendly. Click on through to the NRDC site (who helped organizers last year work to reduce their impact) and the result is the same. We’re hopeful the same practices are continuing on, but a lack of mention anywhere has us wondering.

Regardless, we can look forward to the Global Green Pre-Oscar bash this coming Wednesday to at least carry the green torch forward. As this is the 5th year for the event, they’ve been rocking out green longer than the rest of us. Hang in there — it’s going to be fun next couple days.

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