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harrelson.jpgflowerYou can’t argue Woody Harrelson’s commitment to green living; although you might have to first wait patiently to even make the attempt. Such was the case for one New Zealand reporter who was left hanging for 40 minutes for an interview with the actor. Apparently, Harrelson was not about to use one of the plastic toothbrushes on location and sent away an assistant to track down an organic replacement. Almost an hour later, and with a freshly brushed set, he was ready to go. In traditional Kiwi style, there were no hard feelings. [via celebitchy]

flowerEd Begley Jr. has conquered the television world with his hit series Living With Ed, and is now set to strike out into publication with the new book Living Like Ed. As expected, this how-to will cover all aspect of going green — from transportation, recycling, energy, food, and clothing. Wife Rachelle also pens some portions of the book to offer some Yin to Begley’s Yang. [via amazon]

flowerLike most family disputes in the Hollywood circle, this one revolves around money — and a polar bear. Apparently, Knut the Polar Bear — the wildly successful ‘symbol of climate change’ that’s been on the cover of magazines, has his own book, and recently sold movie rights — is being asked to dish over some of the $15 million he’s made. The zoo that owns his bio-dad, Lars, says it deserves that cash, while the Berlin Zoo where Knut currently resides, says that’s a bunch of bull. Neither side is backing down. We’re sorry Knut. But if it helps, Macaulay Culkin had the same trouble with his parents and he turned out OK. Kind of. [via newser]

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  • oakling

    An organic toothbrush?? What the hell was it made out of? The best I can find is an ergonomic one made out of recycled materials that they’ll recycle again if you send it back when you’re done!

  • Pete

    that is pretty weird, maybe there’s something we’re missing?!?!

    Begley’s book is pretty decent, i met him at the Green Living Show here in Toronto and he gave me a free copy of it, signed :D