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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen continued their fur-wearing ways yesterday while out and about in NYC yesterday. Eek. Nice shoes.

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  • ash

    What is the matter with them!?!! I guess too money money lends itself to make you not care about any other living being. They could choose other means of warmth than something that died for it.

  • parrish

    See now, as an anti-fur wearing advocate, who also has a permanent crush on the Olsen Twins; this breaks my little vegan heart!

  • Emily

    1) How do we know it’s not fake? Go you for jumping to conclusions.

    2) If it were a homeless person in a fur frock (maybe one of Mariah Carey’s) would there be a post pointing that out?

    3) If it’s real then this is the perfect opportunity to educate them on the prevalence of synthetics. As it stands, a photo with a snide comment only raises hackles, it doesn’t inspire one iota of change.

    4) Are we going to jump on everyone who wears any animal product, or are we saving our ire for fur…even if we’re not 100% sure it’s real?

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