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As previously stated, Ecorazzi loves us some Linkin Park!! I mean what’s not to fawn over? These dudes have seriously helped pioneer the green movement by organizing programs from recycling and fan awareness to global offset and biodiesel alternatives. Well now the city of London, Ontario, Canada is giving fans attending the Linkin Park concert at the John Labatt Centre on Saturday Feb. 23 a free (more environmentally friendly) ride.

The initiative is called “Go Green for No Green,” and is supported by the Global Spectrum Facility Management, London Transit, the City of London, and Linkin Park. Free rides will be given to those taking the bus or participating in a carpool of at least 4 people and will be available throughout the evening. All you gotta do is show your Linkin Park ticket when boarding the bus (or parking your well stocked car) and your ride (or parking space) is on the house.

Brian Ohl, Global Spectrum Regional vice-resident said, “We are extremely pleased to partner with Linkin Park, London Transit and the City of London to provide this environmentally friendly initiative. This just adds to the many efforts we are undertaking to make the venue and our city a little greener. We applaud Linkin Park’s vision and are proud to work with them on this show.”

Once again, another country has totally kicked our (the U.S) ass in coming up with new and improved ways to take green to the next level. So if you live up north, load your car or grab a bus and go take advantage of some good old fashion free awesomeness! That’s what I’m talking ABOOT!


  • Cortney

    Hey there,

    I just thought I would send a quick thank-you note for posting this awesome article. I work at the John Labatt Centre, and just wanted to ensure you knew that the John Labatt Centre is in fact in London, Ontario, Canada.

    It just seemed that throughout the article you had been referring to London England. Thought I would give you the heads up!

    Again, thanks for the press.



  • parrish

    This is me: London, England
    This everyone: London, Ontario
    This is me: London, England
    This everyone: No…LONDON, ONTARIO!!

    Sorry guys. The correction has been made with a new, snappy Canadian ending.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • murry

    They’ll be in New Orleans on Wednesday, helping to build a Habitat for Humanity house that they’ve funded through Music For Relief. They’ve actually funded two, now, and the long-term goal, I think, is to fund and build five, total.

    Will the houses be green? I don’t know. I hope so. You might want to be on the look out for that.