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5th Annual Global Green USA Pre-Oscar Party

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Last night, Global Green USA’s 5th Annual Pre-Oscar Party rocked out in grand style with a bevy of celebrities, performers such as Michelle Branch and Damien Rice, and a focus on the environment and sustainable design. While we had spies all over, we sent our main duo Pleasant Wayne and Damien Somserset to cover the action on the red carpet. That video is to follow shortly, but right now, here are some highlights from Pleasant:

1. Tate Donovan would ride his bike to the moon to work with Jennifer Aniston again. (old Friends co-star) He brought his bike on the “green” grass carpet and is a huge advocate for biking in the city.

2. Dana Delany had a non-eco PRADA purse, but said she recylces her scripts on the set.

3. Jason Lewis jetted past the press line and we think he was with his Mom. Aww…

4. Salma Hayek wore a Stella McCartney pantsuit because she said she is trying to lose the baby weight – “I’m not Nicole Richie, ha ha!”


6. Molly Sims was gushing about how Eco her boyfriend, Justin Chatwin, (from War of the Worlds) is….didn’t get her to speak as she was rushing into the party.

7. Sofia Bush would never date someone who isn’t into GREEN living. She was wearing earrings made of crystal stone and diamonds.

8. Taylor Dane was cool – she’s been taking her kids camping and teaching them how to live a softer-on-the-earth life even though she’s a New Yorker at heart. She has her heart set on a hybrid SUV.


9. Josie Maran was promoting her new all-natural cosmetic line – “Josie Maran Cosmetics”. She said her biggest passion was using eco-friendly diapers and gave some interesting facts about disposable diapers and landfills. She was with her friend, Rainbow, who was wearing a vintage dress and works with Adidas – they are working on developing some eco-gear.

10. Adrian Grenier whizzed past the “tabloid” section. 🙁

11. There was some speculation that Michelle Branch had a baby bump from our neighbor Press friends! She wasn’t interviewing as she had to perform.

12. Bill Mahr arrived very late and was driving a hybrid SUV.

13. Ian Somerhalder from “Lost” and many other projects eats organically and practices Yoga…what a cutie! 🙂

14. Thomas Ian Nicholas from American Pie etc. donates his time to children’s charities in addition to being active with Global Green.


More to come on this fantastic evening shortly!

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