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maroon5index1.jpgEveryone’s saying, “Green’s the new black! Green’s the new black!!” Well if green’s the new black, then what’s the new green? Maroon, maybe?

The old green rumor mill (its solar powered) is reporting that Matt Flynn, drummer of Maroon 5, has turned up his love for the environment one more notch by using a new waterless carwash.

I’m not exactly sure how this eco-invention works, but a little google action pointed me in the direction of Lucky Earth-the maker of the magical waterless carwash. Apparently, Matt plans on using this “eco-ratus” on his Volvo and thus saving hundreds of gallons of water. Flynn has been open about promoting Lucky Earth to try and help spread his green message amongst peers and fans.

So if you have a car…and it’s a dirty little bugger, spray yourself on over to Lucky Earth and save some frigin water already. Because when it comes to wasting H20, Ecorazzi says, “Just say NO!

  • Robin

    Not all carwashes are bad. Some are environmentally safe, like Cellwash

    It’s a lot easier to get approval from a town for a car wash if it is deemed environmentally safe.

  • san

    Ermmm wouldn’t it have been nice if you put a pic of M5 showing Matt and not Ryan? Just a suggestion :-)

  • Lulu

    Right, not all are bad. But Lucky Earth is a no-brainer. I think it’s great that celebs are trying to save water. And I think this company is the easiest way to make an impact.

  • Mary

    Yup! I use Lucky Earth “waterless” carwash, and to tell the truth.. this stuff is the bomb digity!.. Ive been using it for a while, and everytime im
    done washing my car, it brings a smile to my face to know that i didnt have to get wet washing my car with Lucky Earth!