by MPD
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globalgreen.jpgIf Global Green passed Ecorazzi a love note in class and we had to circle “Yes, No or Maybe”, we’d totally circle YES five times and seal it with a big, fat, eco-kiss.

Last night, Global Green hosted their 5th annual pre-Oscar party and Ecorazzi was there to cover it all. Among many things, we told you what the celebrities drove, who they wore and what they had to say about being green in Hollywood. However, let’s not forget that this party was intended to raise funds…so how did they do?

This morning, the folks at Global Green reported that the event raised $420,000 dollars for their future projects!! That’s awesome, right? But wait…it’s not just about raising green, but also keeping green and parties create waste and waste creates a higher carbon footprint. Explain that Mr. Ruben Aronin, spokesperson for Global Green!

“As a fundraiser, the dollars that are raised are helping us dramatically to reduce carbon footprints across the country through our work to green New Orleans and create a green-building infrastructure here in Los Angeles. We have the unique opportunity here in Hollywood to use the megaphone of celebrity to inspire and educate hundreds of millions of people around the world.”

Ok you win…I completely agree!! So once again, big ups to Global Green and all the celebrities who turned up to shed light on such a groovy organization. You guys can pass us a love note anytime!!