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untitled1.jpgIf I had to ballpark it, I probably wouldn’t say that the Cruise/Holmes clan is the GREENEST of celebrity couples. Oh crap, I wouldn’t even say they’re in the top 100. You all know I busted on Tom Cruise before…twice, and now I’m about to go all Dakota Fanning (definition: verb meaning to get “gangsta” on one or more than one party) on Katie Holmes.

It’s been reported that Katie Holmes uses Tom Cruises’ private jet to take monthly shopping trips to Paris for her alleged crazy ass shopping addiction. Often on these trips she’ll spend upwards to 200,000 dollars (ps. way more money than I ever have, and probably will ever see) on various articles of clothing. A quick trip to showed me that a round trip from Los Angeles to Paris dumps over 4000 pounds of Co2 into the environment.

Katie, I’M DYING HERE!!!!! Seriously woman-grab a catalog, go on the internet, visit your local mall…just stop “fueling” your debutante shopping habit with actual fuel.


  • rob

    I am not defending her,but you need to recheck your numbers.Terrapass automatically calculates it as a round trip,so it is actually 4,408 lbs CO2.Still two and a quarter tons is a lot for some shoe shopping.

  • parrish

    thanks for the news. changed.

  • jennifer ramos

    it doesn’t even matter that the number is slightly different, that is STILL ALOT of Co2 for one person….what a shame.

    Jen Ramos
    ‘100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards’

  • sharon

    why can’t these pathetic people stop harming the earth? She should be giving all that money to charities, istead of wasting it on pathetic clothes for herself and her stupid family.

  • CBD

    Am I missing the reason you repeatedly call her “Katie Colmes?”

  • Darky

    LOL…Thats funny.
    Jet to paris – for shoes!!! hahahahaa