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50885053.jpgFor this year’s red carpet at the 80th Academy Awards, Access Hollywood’s Nancy O’Dell has chosen a sustainable gown from acclaimed designer Linda Loudermilk. The custom-made dress is made of hemp silk with organic cotton and “vintage findings” as accents on the front. It will also have a lining of fabric made from mineral-rich seaweed called SeaCell. From the release,

“With her daughter’s future to be concerned about, O’Dell is more conscious of all of the effects that play into the environment that her daughter is growing up in. She says, ‘I am so excited to be wearing an eco-friendly dress to the Oscars! The birth of my baby girl, Ashby, really got me thinking in-depth about the future and what kind of world she may grow up in if we don’t do something now. Thanks to environmentally-conscious designer Linda Loudermilk, it was incredibly easy being green and glamorous at the same time.'”

As we’ve been seeing at various fashion shows over the past 12 months, designers are increasingly turning to sustainable fabrics to accent and create new designs. Having O’Dell choose something from Loudermilk for the Oscars is a great indication that acceptance of fabrics made from seaweed or other organic sources is slowly becoming a reality. We’ll keep our eyes open for any additional ‘green’ gowns this Sunday.

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  • Angela Marcelin

    Please give me the name of the designer of the Winter White Jacket that Nancy O’dell wore on Oscar night Feb. 2008.
    thank you

  • jamie

    The dress was awful. She looked like a vegas showgirl slash extra from the show dynasty. Nonetheless, Linda Loudermilk is a fraud. I heard her fabrics are not really eco friendly.

  • Susan

    I heard that Linda Loudermilk uses amazing fabrics and that most of her garments are 80%-100% sustainable or organic or reclaimed fibers.

    As for Nancy O’Dell’s dress I saw in some magazine that she chose that dress out of a couple different ones. The one she chose was definitely more revealing than the others pictured.

  • Jake

    I worked with one of the manufacturers that Linda has worked with for years and I know for a fact that her practices are legitimate. She waas one of the company’s favorite designers because she is so passionate about being as sustainable as possible. She really gets what eco is all about. I don’t know of any designer that works so hard to be sustainable like Linda has. Also, I think Nancy Odell looked gorgeous in the dress. She is supporting a great cause. We should all be grateful about that! Kudos to Nancy Odell and Linda Loudermilk!