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cameron.jpgAs expected, some celebrities are opting to avoid Chevy’s fleet of fuel-friendly SUVs in favor of their own green transportation alternatives. One such gal is actress Cameron Diaz, who has decided to hitch a ride to the red carpet in BMW’s Hydrogen 7 sedan. This is the same car that’s currently being tested by the likes of Jay Leno, Will Ferrell, Jeremy Piven, and Edward Norton for everyday use. We also spied Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie arriving to the premiere of Ocean’s 13 last year in the H7. Here’s what ABG has to say about this liquid-hydrogen powered vehicle:

“The H7 is a equipped with a dual fuel system that allows the V-12 engine to run on either gasoline or liquified hydrogen. Like other hydrogen-fueled internal combustion vehicles the H7 emits pretty much only water (and some trace amounts of NOx) when it’s running on hydrogen. BMW’s decision to follow the internal combustion path allows them to utilize their engine expertise, but the result is far less efficient than a fuel cell. Using liquid hydrogen also allows them to carry more hydrogen on board, but the insulated storage tank is much larger and heavier and the hydrogen boils off and must be vented to atmosphere.”

As with any vehicle taking advantage of hydrogen as a fuel source, there are still many problems yet to solve — the least of which is how to create hydrogen in a clean, energy-efficient manner. For more on the H7, check out BMW’s official site.

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  • oakling

    On one hand, yay. On the other, I’m so tired of car companies crowing about their latest green technology without actually making it purchasable. Last time I was in the market for a car, I got all excited about the Civic GX, only to realize that it was nearly impossible to find one available for sale. Five years later you can finally buy them, and I own a nice, used, easy-to-find diesel car that I can take to the biodiesel station… take that, Honda.

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  • Douglas Smith

    Hi Cameron,

    I’ve got a product you can add on to existing cars where it costs practically nothing to add on yet it increased the fuel mileage by 102% OR a little more than doubled the mileage. It needs some development dollars because there are some minor problems that need to be solved to put it into a marketable format. Everyone wants your money. Right? Ok, just talk to me. I’m just an honest midwest guy. Talk is free. Right? No hidden agenda here. You can call me on my cell at 507-202-3172. I doubt if you ever see this but you have to try OR you can’t reach your dreams. Thank you very very much in advance for your time.

    Doug Smith

    P.S. My daughter has your picture on her bedroom door. She’s a fan. Also my website has nothing to do with the hydrogen project. It’s sewing kits to students of Home Economics Teachers OR FACS.

  • Holly

    Producing Hydrogen fuel in a clean way is one problem. Storing and transporting it is another major problem.

    And what happens when the demand for Hydrogen fuel begins to climb? Won’t people take short-cuts in quickly producing Hydrogen, by using non-green methods?