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Last night at Elton John’s Oscar Party, actress Sharon Stone arrived to the bash without a zoo of animal furs trailing behind. At first, it was a welcome relief to finally see Stone take a respite from promoting the fur industry — but then we noticed the paw. The chopped off dead rat’s paw. On her coat. WTF?

Apparently, Stone wore the paw for good luck. I know rabbits were once all the rage for this, but a rat? Any paw ripped from an animal and then worn on a coat seems macabre.

Way to go Sharon — you continue to impress us with your frightening ways. Please. Stop.

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12 Responses to Sharon Stone Scares The Hell Out Of Us With Dead Rat’s Paw

  1. ChooChooCharlie says:

    What a disgusting person. I am about to throw up my vegan lunch :(

  2. Emily says:

    I’m not a vegan. I’m not even vegetarian. I’m still completely repulsed.

  3. charlemagne says:

    Sharon Stone is disgusting.

    Stone is a has-been and her love of tortured dead animals is affecting her karma.

  4. parrish says:

    Who dares me to wear Sharon Stone’s foot on my coat to a party?

  5. ash says:

    What is wrong with her?

  6. To Sharon and all of Elton’s friends,

    It would be good to love Ellen in a way that would mean the world to future generations.

    My letter to the President and the Palestinians. (click on my name to view more)

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  9. Pema says:

    my whole thing is… what’s the difference between that rat’s paw and a “normal” everyday, run of the mill leather purse?

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